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Insta360 Go with 3PV view and new FPV stabilization mode

Insta360 Go can capture a third person view (3PV)

Insta360 has added a new stabilization mode for Insta360 Go called “FPV stabilization mode.” This is not to be confused with the recently added FPV mode for 5-minute recording. Rather, this is a new stabilization mode that dampens movement rather than completely stabilizing the video, creating another stabilization option in addition to the 3PV effect with the FlowState stabilization mode.  In this post, you’ll see videos with both the 3PV effect and the new FPV stabilization mode.

Insta360 Go (reviewed here) is a wearable thumb-sized camera with incredible stabilization.  It can level your videos no matter how the camera is rotated, even upside down.

Because of its compact size and excellent FlowState stabilization, the Insta360 Go has gained popularity among FPV drone pilots.  When the Insta360 Go is mounted on an FPV drone, it can show how the quadcopter is moving against the horizon-locked background, creating the illusion of a 3rd person view (3PV) effect, particularly when used with a short extension arm.  Here’s a video by the very well-known FPV pilot Ummagawd (Tommy Tibajia).

Here are just a few of the many positive comments from Ummagawd’s video:

However, there are times when the pilot would prefer a more conventional view.  The new FPV stabilization mode is similar to a conventional view from an action cam, but with vibrations and small movements dampened, resulting in a very smooth video.  Here’s a video by Jerome Demers, comparing all the modes.

If you don’t know which you prefer, that’s ok.  Users don’t have to choose one mode or the other.  With Insta360 Go, you can choose the stabilization type after shooting the video, on your phone or on the Insta360 Studio desktop app.  You can create several versions from the same video, as Jerome did.

If you want to see more videos from the Insta360 Go on an FPV drone, check out these related posts.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to buy the Insta360 Go, you can get it with a free zippered and padded Carrying Case. Thanks for using these affiliate links to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

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