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Insta360 launching new camera on June 27! Here’s the biggest hint!

Insta360 announced that they are launching a new camera on June 27. I’ve been testing it under NDA and while I can’t show the camera or reveal its specs, I can talk about the teaser trailer and details you might have missed, including the biggest hint about its key feature.

Insta360's NEW camera on June 27: trailer's biggest hint!

This is not an accessory.  It’s an actual camera and Insta360 doesn’t attempt to hide what the new camera is.  With the POV shots, the image of the thumb, and the tag line “Tiny Revolution,”  it should be very obvious what the new camera is.

But what is its new feature?  The biggest hint is in the last part of the video.  What’s your guess?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out my review on launch day!


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