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Insta360 ONE firmware update improves image quality and stabilization (updated 2/14/18)

Insta360 ONE image quality improvement
Insta360 ONE image quality improvement

Over the weekend, Insta360 posted a firmware update to the Insta360 ONE (reviewed here) that improves its image quality. This is NOT the much anticipated major update that will take the One’s stabilization to a new level. Rather, Insta360 described the update as only for improving the image quality.

The new firmware is version is 1.16.7.  Jean-Marie Cannie compared the Insta360 ONE with the new firmware and old firmware and you can see the difference in image quality, with less murky shadows on the new firmware.  Jean-Marie will post a more detailed comparison between the old and new firmware on his YouTube channel. UPDATE: Here is the 360 video comparison, which Jean-Marie has generously made available:

Jean-Marie’s comparison shows at the update does improve the stabilization. But the good news is that the big update for stabilization is still ‘weeks away,’ and based on the demos I saw, it will make an even bigger improvement.

Thanks again to Jean-Marie for bringing this to my attention! As you may know, Jean-Marie is the inventor of the Karamba mount for the DJI Mavic Pro, allowing us to attach 360 cameras to the top, bottom, or both sides of the Mavic.

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  • Because Insta360 is actually a software company first and a hardware company second, once they get the new stabilization done I wonder if the next app upgrade might offer options similar to the Rylo software. What’s your thoughts? Seems like a lot of people really like the Rylo software. I’ve never used it but that seems to be the draw to Rylo.

    • Hi Mark. Insta has actually copied rylo’s frontback feature and made a better version with more options in the Nano S. But they said they dont have plans of adding those functions to the One.

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