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Insta360 One R update adds AUTOMATIC Freeze Frame Clone Trails (no masking needed) plus other effects

Insta360 One R clone trail effect tutorial

You can now create freeze frame clone trails automatically, with no masking or selection needed, with an Insta360 One R update that also added other effects.  Here’s a tutorial.


Clone trails were made popular in music videos such as Ariana Grande’s “The Light is Coming.”  Traditionally, they have required a lot of meticulous editing, as shown in this tutorial by Cinecom. But now anyone can do a freeze frame clone trail effect automatically in just a few minutes with Insta360 One R, thanks to an update that added clone trail, parallel planet, and spin view effects.

Insta360 One R clone trail effect
Insta360 One R clone trail effect

Here’s the tutorial for the clone trail effect.

The parallel planet effect is equally easy to use.

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      • Hi Mic, as you are in nearer contact to Insta360. Can you tell us, why their support for Android is so extremly poor?
        Their cameras are hands down the best consumer 360 cameras. I ow the One X, and I’m impressed day in and out. But how on earth can they leave us Android users so completly behind regarding the App? The App ist esential to the 360 Experience…
        I definitly won’t buy an Apple device, just for a 360 camera. Don’t they realize what they are doing to the Android community? Is this something cultural, or where does this unbelievable ignorance come from?

        • Hi Huber. It’s easier to develop for iOS because you’re developing for only one device. With Android there are many phones and therefore it requires much more testing.

          • Thx Mic! My first Name is Klaus, btw. 😉 Would you suggest to change the ecosystem to iOS? I’m not really thrilled by iOS Devices, because their so closed (what seems to be a benefit in this case) and expensive, what’s no benefit at all 😉

          • Oh sorry, hello Klaus! My main phone is Android and I find it works just fine. For testing purposes I also have an iPhone SE 2020. Personally, I wouldn’t change to iPhone just for insta360, but it is up to you 🙂

          • Thx Mic! BTW your work is awesome, your reviews in such detail, simply stunning! Thx a lot for all of that! You, and ‘Mr. Ben’ are my favourite source of 360 information ❣️