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Insta360 Outdoor Sale guide – which one should you buy? Bonus accessories

Insta360 has an Outdoor sale from August 8 to 18.  Which one should you buy?  Plus: how to get bonus accessories.

Cutting edge: Insta360 One RS 1-inch 360 Edition ($799 + free accessories)

Insta360 One RS 1-inch 360 Edition
Insta360 One RS 1-inch 360 Edition

If you want a 360 camera with the best image quality under $2000, then check out the 1-inch 360 Edition, which has two 1-inch Sony sensors and Leica lenses.  Not only does it have exceptional video quality that outperforms other more expensive cameras, but it is also part of the One RS line and is upgradeable, which will help your investment last longer.  The disadvantage is that it’s the heaviest 360 camera in this group, at 239 grams.  In addition, there is no lens protector yet for it, so if you do plan to use it in rough environments, I highly recommend getting an Insta360 Care replacement plan.  Reviewed here.

Free accessories: This camera was released only a month ago, so there’s no discount, but with my link you can get TWO free accessories during the sale: a selfie stick and all-purpose tripod legs.

Upgradeable 2-in-1 camera: Insta360 One RS Twin Edition ($495 + free accessory)

Insta360 One RS discount
Insta360 One RS discount

Insta360 One RS is the 2nd-generation of the world’s first modular 360 camera.  With its 4K Boost mod, it can convert to a 4K action cam similar to the GoPro Hero 10.  With the 360 mod, it can convert to a 360 camera similar to the One X2.  Because the mods are interchangeable, the One RS is upgradeable.  For example, the new 4K Boost mod for the One RS and the 1-inch 360 mod are both backward compatible with the original One R.  The downside of the One RS is that it is thicker and heavier than the One X2.  The Twin Edition also costs more than the One X2, but you do get two mods included, so it’s like getting two different cameras.  Reviewed here.

Sale price: $494 (regularly $550) at Amazon – includes both 360 mod and 4K Boost mod.

Bonus accessory: in addition to the Outdoor Sale discount, you can get a free extra battery with my link if you buy direct from Insta360.

Affordable and simple: Insta360 One X2 ($387 + free accessory)

Insta360 One X2 discount
Insta360 One X2 discount

The One X2 is one of the most affordable among Insta360’s 360 cameras, and is available for an even lower price during this sale.  It has very good image quality, is waterproof even without a dive case, and is simple to operate.  However, it is not upgradeable, unlike the Insta360 One RS (see above).  Reviewed here.

Sale price: $387 (regularly $429) at Amazon

Bonus accessory: if you buy from Insta360 directly, then in addition to the Outdoor Sale discount, you’ll get a free selfie stick or a free stick-on lens protector, depending on which package you get.

Smallest stabilized HD camera: Insta360 Go 2 ($269 + free accessory)

Insta360 Go 2 is the smallest stabilized HD camera.  It is the size of your thumb and can be worn for POV shots or used for creative b-rolls.  Because of its small size, it is also very popular for FPV drones.  Reviewed here.

Sale price: $269 (regularly $299) at Amazon.

Free accessory: if you buy directly from Insta360 with my link, you’ll get free extra lens protectors in addition to the discounted price.

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