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High-resolution 11K 60fps VR180 with iZugar SVR VR180 lens

iZugar VR180 lens for RED camera
iZugar VR180 lens for Blackmagic Mini Pro 12k

Studios will soon be able to create high resolution VR180 videos with a much easier workflow with the upcoming iZugar SVR VR180 lens.   With this setup, you can get video as high as 11K 60fps or 8K 120fps.

iZugar VR180 lens for ZCam
iZugar VR180 lens for ZCam

The SVR will enable the capture of a dual fisheye VR180 video on the same sensor, which  can solve many headaches, such as easier control, syncing the audio and video, and consistency of white balance and exposure.  “An almost 2:1 sensor for two fisheye can have much higher utilization rate than usual 16:9 or 4:3 sensors for fisheye. It can be compatible with Blackmagic Mini Pro 12K, Red Komodo 6K, ZCam F8, and Sony A1. The color science and codec of these professional cameras shall be more reliable and editor friendly,” says iZugar CEO KC Lai.

Price and availability have not yet been announced.

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  • The most surprising aspect of this lens is that it essentially matches the design outlined in a patent that Canon obtained for a similar lens last year. However, Canon designed its lens for use with its full-frame DSLRs and part of the patent relates to offsetting the lenses slightly to the left so as not to interfere with the handle grip on these cameras.

    Unfortunately, Canon has so far not shown any indications that it actually plans to market that lens. However, if it does, it would be offered to the prosumer market and thus be more affordable.

  • Now with the Canon lens already announced, I wonder if Izugar will pursue their own dual fisheye lens ??? I can’t find any updates to that announcement from last March…

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