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New Insta360 camera on May 24: Elevate Your Creativity

Insta360 is releasing a new camera on May 24. Here’s the teaser video.  UPDATE: here is my analysis of what the new camera is.

This announcement is a bit of a surprise, given that they released the Insta360 One RS (reviewed here) only a couple of months ago on March 22.  I don’t recall Insta360 ever releasing two cameras within just two months of each other.

Just watching the trailer, you might wonder if this is a teaser for an app update or new accessory, but the description to the video clearly says, “new camera coming May 24.”

New Insta360 camera on May 24, 2022
New Insta360 camera on May 24, 2022

The description also says, “Take your shooting to new heights and elevate your creativity.”  Whether they mean that figuratively or literally remains to be seen.  Any guesses on what they mean by “elevate your creativity”?  Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Here is my analysis of what the new camera is.

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  • I got 2 options: the new ladder camera o a slingshot 360.

    No one says is a camera. It can be a revolutionary accessory like a… drone? A thing to throw the camera? A giant stick? For the position of the hand (wide open to the sky) it looks like he’s waiting for something to come back…

  • The O N L Y thing I want is for God’s mercy a freaking 360 camera with a larger sensor. This is the one thing for more than 5 years I’ve wanted and that has thrown away all my enthusiasm and interest for all these cameras. But I know yet again, this is not what we will get. Will lots of new hooooooplas and gimmicks and more of the same misery IQ.

  • My guess is a tiny cam like Go-2 with propeller like helicopter but only goes up and down so there’s no need to be radio control. You’d be able to catch it on the way down easily.

  • Would love if this was a drone with GPS hold and a 360° camera which can take a single shot photo with 8K resolution horizontally without rotors in the image.