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New underwater videos from Insta360 One X show smooth stitching

Insta360 One X new underwater sample videos
Insta360 One X new underwater sample videos

There are new underwater sample videos from the Insta360 One X (reviewed here) and they looked very smooth — much smoother than previous samples from users. The new samples show almost perfect stitching, even with subjects that cross the stitch line close to the camera.  The video was posted to Facebook and I don’t have permission to embed it, but here are links to the post.

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  • Hello. What would be better buy Venture or Dive Case?
    It is possible to use above water dive case? I need the case to protect the camera over the rain and other bad condition. And use it for mountaineering, after diving trip. it is possible to capture on venture case underwater (on a shallow water) ? and would it be problems with bottom zone like on dive case?

    • Hi Nikolay! yes you can use the dive case above water. thats’ what they used for the surfing video. dive case will be invisible but the stitching won’t be so smooth underwater.

  • Hi Mic,
    I need to ask almost the same questions, because I did not find any proper answers:
    1. Is the underwater stiching better with the venture case, or better with the underwater case?
    2. Is the OVERwater stiching better with the venture case, or better with the underwater case?
    3. Is there a big difference in sound recording on both cases?

    So to ask in an other way round:
    If snorkeling to max. 3-4 mtr. water-depth and seamless stiching is the goal, what is the better protection-case, in terms of stiching and resulting quality?

    • Hi Dieter. Underwater stitching is better with Dive Case (but there is a big nadir). Above water, venture case stitching is better. Both of them will have muffled sound. For snorkeling, I recommend the dive case. Venture Case stitching underwater is not good.

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