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NEW XPhase X2 virtual tour 360 camera shipping date announced!

XPhase Pro S2
XPhase Pro S2

XPhase X2 is the new version of the highest resolution 360 camera in the world, the XPhase, with 200 megapixels.  Here’s the latest news about it.

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The XPhase is the world’s highest resolution 360 camera, with 25 sensors that are each 8 megapixels, for a total capture resolution of 200 megapixels, which are then stitched into a 16K (135 megapixel) photo on your desktop or even with the phone app.  Xphase is also unique in being one of the few 360 cameras that can take HDR photos with little or no ghosting.

The XPhase has been updated a few times.  The first model was called the XPhase, which was followed by the XPhase Pro S, then the upgraded XPhase Pro S in 2019, and the XPhase Pro S2 in 2020.

The new version of the XPhase, called the X2, was announced in November, and is supposed to be significantly different, not just a minor update.  Now finally, I have confirmation from its distributor that it is shipping next week.  He said he will be sending a unit for testing, and I will be posting a review and comparison as soon as possible.

If you have particular questions about the X2, please post them in the comments and I will test as needed and address them in my review.

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  • Can you please share with us the computer workflow editing for xphase camera. I haven’t seen any videos on YouTube or anywhere else about that. Thanks in advance

      • Hi Mic,

        I just received my new X2. I have made several test shots and everything about the camera and iOS app seems to be working well. I’m getting hung up with the XPhase PanoManager app for Mac. The PanoManager app will connect to the USB drive from the camera and successfully stitch in the PNO mode. I can then view the resulting panorama by clicking the little square icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. From this point I can not figure out how to save or export the 135MP panorama file to the hard drive so I can then insert the image file into my Lightroom workflow. I have not been able to find instructions on how to save the Panorama files. In the PanoManager app while viewing a panorama, in the user left corner of the window is what looks like an icon of a “disk” but clicking it has no effect. So I guess the specific question is, step by step, what is the procedure for getting the stitched panorama file to the hard drive?

  • Great news! I’ve been waiting for this one and eagerly looking forward to your review!

    Im pretty sure the most anticipated issue woud be the colormanagement, image quality (single lens and overall) and fogging. I’m sure you can think of a few yourself too mic.

    I really hope they come through, and just in time for the holiday check next month 😀

    regards, Frank

    • ASAP get an ORI of an evenly lit lightly colored (preferably white/light grey) surface lit with reasonable (high-CRI LED or tungsten or sunlight) even wide-spectrum light.

      Also assuming they haven’t completely given up on full-RAW support, one full set of DNGs in similar conditions (evenly lit)

  • All I care about is exr output.
    As long as they do not provide this, the camera will never be of interest of real professionals (except the small 3D-tours segment).

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