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Upgraded XPhase Pro starts shipping; renamed XPhase Pro S

Upgraded XPhase Pro S starts shipping
Upgraded XPhase Pro S starts shipping

The new, upgraded version of the XPhase Pro (reviewed here) will be called XPhase Pro S.  According to its distributor Stabilizer Pro, the Pro S began shipping last Saturday.  There is a small chance I might get the new unit by this weekend.  I will begin testing ASAP.

XPhase Pro S is the highest resolution 360 camera with 25 BSI CMOS sensors that are each 8 megapixels.  Its photos have a stitched resolution of 16384 x 8192 and are the most detailed 360 photos I’ve tested from any 360 camera, even far exceeding the detail in a Sony a6000 with Samyang 8mm 2.8 II.  It is also unique in being able to take HDR photos without ghosting.

The upgraded Pro S has several improvements, including:

– better lens consistency (the original version had a few backfocused lenses)
– 6-shot HDR instead of a 3-shot HDR
– Raw DNG mode.

XPhase Pro S is available from Stabilizer Pro for $879.  You can get a free extra 128GB drive with this link.  For more information, see my XPhase Pro review.

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  • Will this new version have a longer exposure time than 1 second for better night time shots? Has there been any updates to the phone app to improve stitching since your first video review came out?

  • I tried to order a camera via bank transfer. It did not work because my bank needs an IBAN number and the seller does not have this information.

  • What do you know about the manufacturer or distributor? I’m really excited by this camera, but I’m pretty sketched out by the lack of information about the people behind it. Who knows if they’ll honour the warranty Etc. I’ve sent them a couple of emails and tried to contact them via their Skype address (their chat link), but have not been able to get any kind of response. Makes me pretty reluctant to put an order in.

    • This has been my primary concern too.

      The only method for unpacking their ORI file is one they apparently normally don’t provide to customers, they were only “nice enough” to give Mic a copy. If you’re not on an x86 Windows machine you’re hosed.
      Their mobile app supposedly exists, but no evidence of it appears anywhere but on this site claiming it exists. Not on the Google Play Store, not on xphase.cn, not on the Stabilizer Pro site. A mobile app not on the Play Store is a gigantic red flag that something is suspicious to me.

      It appears that the hardware is solid when it’s working, but:
      How reliable is it? I’ve already seen reports of people breaking the (apparently soft plastic?) threads on the bottom of the handle. What is your recourse if a unit fails? How will software support be in the future? (This is my biggest issue with the ORI format – look at how the Xiaomi Mijia 360 is nearly useless without third-party software like Mi Sphere Converter).

  • When I ordered mine on 17 Aug the site said the shipping date was 27 Aug. Just checked back at the site and now the shipping date is listed as 10 Sept. Wondering if anyone has more intel on when they will start shipping

  • Mine was supposed to ship on 18th, then was delayed to a week, then delayed, now they say it was shipped, but the shipping number is giving error when tracked.

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