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PilotPano is a NEW 360 camera with features that Insta360 X3 doesn’t have

Labpano PilotPano is a New 360 camera 2022 has features Insta360 X3 doesn't have

UPDATE: here is the launch video.

There’s a new 360 camera and it’s not from Insta360, GoPro or Ricoh Theta.  It’s called PilotPano, and it’s by a company that’s been producing innovative 360 cameras for 3 years now called Labpano (formerly known as Pisofttech).  Here’s a teaser:

PilotPano is a new 360 camera that will be launched on November 11, 2022.  It’s by a company called Labpano which has produced innovative 360 cameras such as the Pilot Era, which was the most portable 8k 360 camera when it was launched in 2019.  Pilot Era was also one of the first to feature a large touchscreen, a feature that has since become essential for current generation 360 cameras.  Pilot Era was also one of the first to feature realtime stitching with stabilization (it could record a stitched 360 video with stabilization, in MP4 format, ready to use straight out of the camera).

PilotPano is the first consumer 360 camera from Labpano and I’ve seen the specs, which include features that aren’t available in the Insta360 X3 or GoPro MAX.  Check back here for its complete specs on November 11, 2022 9am ET.  I will also post a hands-on review as soon as possible.

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  • Nice to see other 360 players now making consumer cameras. GoPro now seems less engaged in 360 and insta360 products are good until you need support. Looking forward to seeing this camera in the wild.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Great to have more choice – almost looks like it has removable/replaceable lens. Will hold of replacing the scratched lens on my Insta360 1″ 360 to see if this one is 1″ sensors.

  • Keep in mind that support from Labpano has not been the best.

    Previous cameras have so much potential but any requests have been very much ignored.

  • Have details of this been leaked? A quick google says.
    1/2.3 sensors
    2300mah / 100mins
    Android based with community api support.

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