PolarPro’s Osmo Pocket Gimbal Lock – best gimbal lock for Osmo Pocket?

PolarPro Osmo Pocket Gimbal lock and screen protector
PolarPro Osmo Pocket Gimbal lock and screen protector

If you use the Osmo Pocket wireless adapter or other accessories, you’ll want to check out PolarPro’s Gimbal Lock for the Osmo Pocket (reviewed here), which lets you store your Osmo Pocket without removing these accessories.

The problem

There are many accessories for the Osmo Pocket, such as the wireless adapter, a tripod adapter, or controller wheel.  However, you won’t be able to store your Osmo Pocket in the included case cover without detaching the wireless adapter, tripod adapter, and other accessories, which is not only tedious but also increases the chance of losing your accessories.

The solution

PolarPro Osmo Pocket can be used with the wireless adapter and some tripod adapters
PolarPro Osmo Pocket can be used with the wireless adapter and some tripod adapters
The PolarPro gimbal lock not only protects your gimbal but also protects the LCD screen, while allowing you to leave your wireless adapter and some tripod adapters attached.  It also appears to be compatible with the Osmo Pocket accessory mount, controller wheel, or even the extension handle, when it becomes available.

How well does the PolarPro work?

PolarPro gimbal lock review
PolarPro gimbal lock review

The PolarPro is made of very tough, high quality plastic.  There is a rubbery layer over the portion that covers the LCD screen.  At the corner of the screen cover, there is a small hole that may be designed for a lanyard or wrist strap.

Attaching the PolarPro to the Osmo Pocket is a little more fiddly than the original Osmo Pocket cover.  The gimbal has to be positioned vertically and then must be turned to face you (the same side as the LCD screen).  You can then snap the PolarPro onto the gimbal.  Because the gimbal lock is made of very tough plastic, it takes some effort to push it onto the gimbal.

Once the PolarPro is attached, it feels as if it will not come off by accident, and the gimbal is not going to move.

Advantages and disadvantages

1.  The PolarPro is compatible with the wireless adapter, some tripod adapters (including the official Osmo Pocket accessory mount), the extension handle, and Osmo Pocket filters.

2. Because you can leave your accessories attached, it is faster to use the Osmo Pocket.

The PolarPro does have some drawbacks:

1. There is a gap between the camera lens and the PolarPro.  It is possible for dirt or pebbles to get in between and scratch the lens.  On the other hand, because there is a gap, you can leave your filter on the Osmo Pocket when you attach the PolarPro gimbal lock.

2. The gimbal lock will not protect your camera buttons.  It is possible that the buttons will get pressed by accident.  The Osmo Pocket will sense that it is immobilized and will turn off the motor to avoid burning it out, but you could waste battery life this way.

3. The front of the gimbal lock has a design with many grooves in it.  Dirt and sand could get into these grooves.

Should you buy one?

For a piece of plastic, the PolarPro is expensive at around $20.  But if you want to leave your wireless adapter or tripod adapter attached, I can’t deny that it is the best gimbal lock at the moment because it protects not only the gimbal but also the screen.   Although it costs up to $13 more than the generic gimbal lock, the extra cost to protect your screen is worth it in my opinion.  Thanks for using this link to purchase the PolarPro to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

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  • what does the accessories for the osmo pocket have to do with a 360 website?

    I might understand when there’d be a comparison for stability on a reframed 360 camera and a gimbal stabilized one, but apart from those circumstances??

    • I’m just adding to the content to the website. Based on my research, many 360 camera users are interested in the Osmo Pocket, probably because they have overlapping functions, such as stabilization. Anyway there is nothing unusual about this. Android review websites for example are reviewing the One X. Why? Just because the One X has an Android app? But so does practically every other DSLR, mirrorless or even compact camera.

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