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Preorder the international version of the Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE, the best 360 camera under $350

As I said in my review of the Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 camera, I found the Xiaomi  to have the best image quality for both photos and videos for 360 cameras that cost $350 or less.  You can now preorder the international version with English instruction manual, for shipping in July.

The Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE is a camera that most people still don’t know about, but it has been surprising new users.  Nonetheless, the Xiaomi has a number of quirks, one of which is that it feels like it wasn’t intended for sale outside of China. For example,
the App Store listing previously had only a Chinese name (how would English speakers search for it?  Note: it’s now in English);
– the manual is entirely in Chinese.
– The original app had many options that were in Chinese (but now the app is now almost fully translated).

The downloading page for the Xiaomi app is still in Chinese.

Now however, Xiaomi is ready to release the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere outside of China, with a manual in English.  In the meantime, you can check out this album of screenshots of the English manual, which can be found in the iOS app.  So if you want to get the International version you can get it here. If you’d rather not wait, you can get the domestic version of the Xiaomi here.


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  • The built in stabilization is why I’m ordering, but is there any other difference between the domestic (Chinese ver) vs the international other than English options built-in?

    Btw I’m making sure to click through using your links Mic.

    • Thank you very much Greg! I appreciate your support for the site. The difference seems to be only with the packaging and printed instructions, as far as I can tell. The English version could conceivably have higher resale value. Otherwise, I don’t see a need to wait for the English version.

      Best regards,

  • Do you think one should wait more than a month (!) for the International version? It seems to me that the Chinese version is suitable for English speakers as I’ve seen various English speakers reviewing this camera (you, Ben on Life in 360 and a few others).

    (also I go on vacation mid August to see a total eclipse in Oregon, with shipping it might arrive too late)

    • Hi Marc. Personally I would just go with the Chinese version. The menus, etc. are in English now.

      Best regards,

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