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Ricoh Theta’s new generation Theta to be showcased on Sept. 1 at IFA Berlin!

Ricoh Theta 4K is real
Ricoh Theta 4K is real

Ricoh will be showcasing their next generation RICOH THETA at IFA Berlin.  They will be showing the new Theta and accessories.  The booth is at Hall 11.1, No.132, from September 1st to 6th. It appears that this will be the 4K version of the Ricoh Theta (likely to be called Theta V).

If this is indeed the Theta 4K , it will be the most highly anticipated 360 camera from Ricoh.  Theta fans have been clamoring for a 4K model for two years now and were jubilant at the announcement of the 4K Theta back in April.  At that time, Ricoh would only say that it would be released in 2017.

About a month ago, Ricoh posted an official sample video from the Theta 4K and it looked very impressive.  Then about a week later, there was a leak about a “Theta V,” a new model with a microphone jack, which appears upon further analysis to be the Theta 4K.  We should find out soon.

In the past, Ricoh has used Photokina to launch new models of the Ricoh Theta, but Photokina is a biennial event and there’s no Photokina this year.  IFA is one of the largest trade shows and it makes sense that Ricoh would launch the Theta 4K / Theta V here.

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  • Sorry if I sound a bit negative…but who’s gonna cheer for a new 4K Ricoh 360 camera now when the Virb, the Yi and the Insta360 cams are allready over 5K with excellent stitching and dynamic range? It’s the same with the GoPro Fusion…they took to long time to develop AND release the cams – the development of new cameras – especially from China – is allready running in 8’s around them and they have not even started to sell their cams yet. They will probably have some buyers among Ricoh and GoPro fans but why pay a lot more for the brand?
    The Ricoh’s new 4K cam has to present a whole NEW and revolutionary feature for this 360 gag to make me a beleiver.
    Sorry for being fully honest about this. Maby I don’t understand better… 😉

    • Hi Ulf. I totally understand what you’re saying but just think about Xiaomi. If you look at the specs, it’s nothing impressive. It’s “only” 3456 x 1728 video. There were already several 4K 360 cameras at the time Xiaomi was announced. Yet as we all later found out, the Xiaomi beat those 4K cameras even with a lower nominal resolution.

      So it seems the resolution numbers aren’t everything. What matters is the actual level of detail, which depends on the sensor and the lens. And the sample that Ricoh showed with the 2 girls in the ice cream bar seem to show it has excellent detail. And as you know, Theta’s very thin profile will give it excellent stitching!

      Those are some of the reasons why I’m excited about the Theta! 😀

      Best regards,

      • Mic, you’re right as allways…it’s not about the size – it’s the technique that’s matters 😉
        But I frankly don’t feel anything special about the Theta 4K release, in meaning of heartbeats or other signs of excitement – on the other hand I do have great expectations of the new Insta360 camera because I was impressed with the Nano when it was released – and the Insta360 Pro is nothing but amazing…
        I’ve now got about $1000 on my “next 360 cam”-account to spend and right now it’s between the Yi or the new Insta360 cam…but who knows…maby I’ll end up with the new Theta 4K after all. plus the new Insta360 or Yi…depending on the price… Have to see your reliable tests of those 3 cams first of course 🙂

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