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Rylo Camera’s Amazon reviews: real or fake?

Rylo 360 camera's Amazon reviews: real or fake?
Rylo 360 camera’s Amazon reviews: real or fake?

Rylo is a 4K 360 camera announced a few weeks ago on October 31.   As of November 14, it appears it hasn’t shipped yet.  But on Amazon, there are already thirty-six reviews, all of them 5-stars, and all of them 100% positive.  Are the reviews real or fake?

Here’s the video:

Here is a screenshot of reviews on Amazon:

Rylo Amazon reviews: real or fake?
Rylo Amazon reviews: real or fake?

Here are some of the reviewers (note that they don’t have other product reviews):

Rylo fake reviewers
Rylo fake reviewers


Check it out for yourself:

Rylo on Amazon
Fakespot analysis of Rylo’s reviews.

I find it very hard to believe these reviews are fair.  In case you’re wondering, Amazon’s rules prohibit “creating, modifying, or posting content regarding your… or employer’s … products or services.”  They also prohibit “creating, modifying, or posting content in exchangefor compensation of any kind or on behalf of anyone else.”

Meanwhile, you may also want to compare the Rylo against Insta360 ONE – reviewed here (available on Amazon or Gearbest), which has more features and costs less.

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    • Thanks Arek. I think it is a real product, except that there are fake reviews for it on Amazon. Anyway you can see from Eric Cheng’s sample that it really exists. I’m just not sure it is worth $200 more than Insta360 ONE.

      Best regards,

  • Agree it has a bad smell

    Technically you can change your iP like a pair of shoes, so the reviews can be well done by one or two persons actually most likely the company started their Pro Promotion before they produced the Camera an often used concept in other industries.

    • Hi Svend yes I think you are correct. It seems the reviewers’ accounts were created a long time ago as templates. For example the reviewer called “Homemaker” is intended to represent the perspective as a housewife, etc.

      Best regards,

    • Ah fortunately that’s not the case. The Rylo people are formerly from Apple and Instagram supposedly.

      Best regards,

  • Mic: The creators of the Rylo camera are from the SF Bay Area, and have a ton of friends that are action sports junkies. Rylos were given out for testing and evaluation to action sports enthusiasts ahead of time (pre-launch)…and we loved it! That’s how/why we reviewed the camera so early on…nothing fake or unsavory. It just be like any other tech company providing samples and prototypes for testing/eval ahead of launch. I’m disappointed that this led folks to assume that somehow the reviews are fake…I assure you the above reviewers are all very much real people.