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Rylo teases “Big News” for tomorrow; here’s what the new feature is about! (Updated!)

Rylo's new feature November 2018
Rylo’s new feature November 2018

Rylo (reviewed here) posted a teaser video for what they say is a major announcement tomorrow, and while the video might not seem remarkable at first glance, it actually does show something very interesting!    It was so interesting that after I noticed it, I had to watch the video again and again!

Here’s the teaser video:

The video shows a very stable third person view of a skier.  The caption says, “Same camera.  Now more unbelievable.  11.8”

The third person view in the video looks great but at first glance there seems to be nothing new.  Rylo is one of several 3pV cameras (third person view cameras), which are stabilized 360 cameras that can provide a third person view like an invisible flying camera.  To learn more about 3PV cameras, watch this video I made for the Insta360 One X.

What could the new feature be?  Rylo fans have been a bit skeptical because Rylo’s last “major announcement” turned out to be nothing more than Rylo’s availability through Best Buy’s electronics big box stores.

But there is indeed something unusual about the video, and this skiing video was a very good demonstration of it.  This frame grab is a hint:

Framegrab from Rylo's teaser video
Framegrab from Rylo’s teaser video

Do you see now see what’s so incredible?

It is hands-free.  And the mount looks invisible.

There are several ‘invisible’ monopods and selfie sticks as I showed in my Ultimate Tripod Comparison, but they need to be held in one hand.   There are hands-free mounts, such as Sail Video Systems but the harness is like a weightlifting belt and is visible:

In Rylo’s trailer video, the skier is able to ski hands-free, while the mount is invisible.  And somehow the skier was able to use the mount despite having a large backpack.

Rylo's invisible hands-free mount
Rylo’s invisible hands-free mount

UPDATE: I found another skier who’s been able to do an invisible mount as well

Invisible hands-free third person view mount for Rylo
Invisible hands-free third person view mount for Rylo

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Rylo’s mount consists of, and whether it can be used with other 3PV 360 cameras.  OR will my prediction fall flat?   We’ll find out tomorrow!   BTW, you can get updates on the Rylo and other 360 cameras for free here.  Also please join the Rylo group on Facebook! Meanwhile I’m still working on my next video which I guarantee will be SUPER AWESOME.  Don’t miss it!

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