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8 unique features of the Insta360 Air; plus: a secret sale only for 360 Rumors readers!

Insta360 Air sample photo
Insta360 Air sample photo

Here are 8 unique features of Insta360 Air, a 360 camera for Android phones, and how to get it at the best price with a special deal only for 360 Rumors readers!

Insta360 Air (c)
Insta360 Air (c)

When the Insta360 Air was released earlier this year, I called it the best 360 camera for personal use. Among affordable and entry-level 360 cameras, it still has one of the best image quality with advanced features such as image stabilization, 2.5K live streaming and totally seamless optical flow stitching.

Since then, there have been many 360 cameras that have been released that offer higher resolution. However, sometimes, portability, ease of use, and cost are more important factors than having the highest possible resolution, such as when using a 360 camera for social media. This was my review:

Insta360 Air has added several features to the Insta360 Air. Here are the Insta360 Air’s current key features:

Insta360 Air’s unique features

1. Totally seamless optical flow stitching.  Insta360 has added optical flow stitching to Insta360 Air, enabling it to stitch seamlessly.  Can you find the stitch line in the shot below?

Insta360 Air update adds perfect stitching
somewhere in this shot is the stitch line — try to find it if you can!

2. Image stabilization for both photos and videos.  You can hold the phone in any direction, and the horizon will remain level.
3. Stabilized live streaming at up to 2560 x 1280 resolution.  Not only can you live stream with great quality, but stabilization will also conserve your bandwidth.
4. FreeCast: live stream in little planet mode (you control the perspective)
5.  The Insta360 Air can become invisible when with the Benro MK10 and image stabilization.
6.  Add stickers to your 360 photo (the stickers will display correctly in your 360 photo, no matter where you place them)

360-degree stickers for Insta360 Air and Nano
360-degree stickers for Insta360 Air and Nano

7. Insta360 Air is still the only 360 camera with manual horizon correction for both photos and videos. See this tutorial:

8. Insta360 Air is one of the very few 360 cameras with built-in tiny planet animations, for sharing to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other sites.  You simply choose the type of animation and you can easily upload it to your favorite social media service.

With so many features, you can see why the Insta360 Air remains one of my favorite cameras, especially for its very low price of $129.  And the cool thing is, I can help you get it for an even better price!  But this is only for 360 Rumors readers and viewers.  If you want to see the lower price, pls. use this contact form and in the subject line put “INSTA360 AIR SECRET” and use the email address that you will use when ordering.  I will then send you a special discount code.  You’re under no obligation to buy (but please don’t share the code with anyone).