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Tamaggo 360livecam hands-on first impressions: a hemispherical 360 camera with a touchscreen and live streaming capability

Tamaggo hemispherical 360 camera
Tamaggo 360livecam hemispherical 360 camera

Tamaggo is an egg-shaped hemispherical 360 camera (‘tamago’ means egg in Japanese). It is one of the very few 360 cameras with a built-in touchscreen. It also has live streaming capability. Here are its features and specifications and hands-on first impressions by Etienne Leroy of V360.

Tamaggo 360livecam
Tamaggo 360livecam

Key specifications:
One lens with 220-degree field of view
Aperture: f/2.2
Sensor: 12mp Sony sensor
Photo resolution: 4K
Video resolution: HD
Storage: Micro SD
1.5-inch resistive touchscreen
live streaming capability
Gyroscope, accelerometer, e-compass
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and BLE 4.0
Compatible with iOS and Android

Price: $399, available direct from manufacturer in silver or titanium color.

Tamaggo 360livecam hemispherical 360 camera
Tamaggo 360livecam hemispherical 360 camera

Tamaggo competes directly with other hemispherical 360 cameras such as the 360fly and 360fly 4K, and Kodak PIXPRO SP360 and SP360 4K.

Etienne Leroy received a sample of the Tamaggo from the manufacturer and shared with us his unboxing and hands-on review:

Etienne liked the touchscreen and the live preview, which are not usually found on other 360 cameras (although many of them can be connected wirelessly with a phone to provide touchscreen and live preview).

Thank you very much to Ed Lewis for bringing this to my attention. Thanks to Etienne Leroy of V360 for the unboxing video and hands-on impressions.  V360 is a free 360 video editing app for iOS and Android that you can use to create video montages with transitions and titles

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  • For a 360 fan, it’s rather ironic that Étienne should shoot his review in the dreaded ultra narrow vertical video format ! 🙂

    I have to admit surprise seeing this product finally on the market. Although it might look to many as yet another unknown enterprise jumping on the 360 bandwagon, Tamaggo was actually one of the earliest enterprises to propose a miniature integrated 360 camera (220 vertical) and actually won the CES Innovations award back in 2012.

    The company was originally based in Montreal, Canada but did not have enough funds to go into production. It was originally planned to be on the market in Q2 2012 and sell for under two hundred bucks ! It eventually was bought by Swiss interests but even then it took them several years to get the product on the market.

    Here is a clip dating from 2012 about the camera’s design which is essentially identical to the recently introduced model:

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