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Video comparison: GoPro Ball rig, Kodak SP360 4k dual pro, Samsung Gear360, Ricoh Theta S

Here’s a very good comparison of the video performance between four 360 degree cameras:

– a GoPro Ball rig with 7 GoPro cameras
– Kodak SP360 4k dual pro pack
– Samsung Gear 360
– Ricoh Theta S
The comparison is by Foundry45, a business-oriented VR production company that produces VR videos for sales, marketing and recruitment. 
Here are some of their conclusions:
– The GoPro has the best image quality but takes a lot of time and effort to process. 
– The Samsung Gear 360 image quality indoors is not as good as the Kodak SP360 4k dual pro, but it is easy to process because the image is automatically stitched.
– They recommend the SP360 4k as the best compromise between image quality and processing time.
– The Theta S has the best stitching because of the very small distance between the lenses.  The photo quality is great, and the video quality might be “good enough” for YouTube Facebook but not for viewing on a headset.
– The GoPro and SP360 4k cameras are not perfectly synced. If there is a lot of motion, the stitch lines will be very visible, which will take a lot of post processing to hide.
– The GoPro, the SP360 4k and Gear 360 can overheat. The Theta is the most reliable and least likely to overheat.