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VR180 news: Facebook support + Google’s new VR180 tool

VR180 news
VR180 news

It appears that VR180 is gathering momentum.   Earlier this week, I posted my hands-on demo of the Kandao Qoocam, which can shoot both in 360 and in VR180.  Today, there are two major announcements related to VR180.  First Facebook has announced support for 3D 180!  It’s not exactly VR180, but may make it easier to share VR180 content on Facebook.  Pls. note I haven’t tried posting Lenovo Mirage videos to Facebook yet.

Anyway, check out Facebook’s first 3D 180 video:

As with other Facebook VR videos, the only headset you can use are Oculus headsets: Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Samsung Gear VR.  To view the video in one of these headsets, click on the upper right corner and select Save Video.  Then in the Facebook 360 app on Rift, Go, or Gear VR, it will appear under the Saved tab.

I tried uploading a VR180 photo from the Mirage and it was recognized automatically as VR and correctly displayed as 180 but I haven’t checked if it will display as 3D.

Thanks to Pepe (360tips&tricks) for bringing this to my attention!

And today, Google is also FINALLY releasing its VR180 Creator Tool, which can “[c]onvert your VR180 footage into a standardized format so you can edit it with leading editing tools like Adobe Premiere and then re-inject the appropriate metadata for publishing.”  But I haven’t tried it.  Why?  Because Google has made the app available for Mac and Linux but inexplicably omitted Windows.  Really, Google…????  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the Windows version.

If you’re interested in VR180, check out the Facebook VR180 group!

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  • Facebook support for 3D 180 is good. Let us know what you find after trying a Mirage post on Facebook.

    Yeah and the lack of Windows support for that converter is just weird.


  • I’d like to post som VR180 3D photos from my insta360 EVO on FB, but there seems no support for that. An upload of a side-by-side VR180 Video worked, but results only in 2D (no option to use VR/cardboard in the FB App (iOS))
    I hope this will work sometime…

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