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Waterproof Luna 360 Camera starts shipping to crowdfunding backers

Luna 360 camera
Luna 360 camera

Luna 360 Camera, a crowdfunded 360 camera has begun shipping to its backers.  In fact, a few cameras are now on eBay.

Luna is a 360 camera that was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo in February 2016.  At that time, it was impressive because it was waterproof and was very compact.  Here was their promo video:

Luna was originally scheduled to ship around August 2016, but was delayed and has only begun shipping now in October 2017.  Unfortunately, in the fast moving 360 camera industry, that yearlong delay was enough to render the Luna 360 irrelevant with its resolution of 1920 x 960 (that seems to be both for video and photo).

FWIW, you can find a few units on eBay, including one from a rather optimistic owner.

Luna 360 seen on eBay
Luna 360 seen on eBay.

But I’m really in no position to laugh. At least they got a camera whereas I got burned by Nico360, which now has reached more than 1 million comments from pissed off backers.

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  • You’re right ! At least they shipped, I also got burned by Nico 360…. I hope those guys get banned forever from crowdfunding sites.

    • Well the irritating thing is that Indiegogo is still continuing to allow them to raise additional money…! smh

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