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Why Meta Quest 3 is a gamechanger: see SAMPLE DEMO!

Greetings, VR aficionados, tech junkies, and casual readers who just can’t resist a juicy contradiction! Gather round for a tale as old as innovation itself, where sparkling new tech meets a skeptical public, and one enthusiast dares to contradict the popular opinion.  And you also must see some sample demo videos of the Quest 3 shown by Zuck himself!

Remember Mike from @VirtualRealityOasis, that charming oracle of all things Virtual Reality? Yes, the same Mike who’s become something of an internet sensation with his insightful commentary and affable demeanor. Well, brace yourselves because we’re about to call him out. (Mike, if you’re reading this, we still adore you!)

But let’s set the stage: The dazzling star of our story is none other than the Meta Quest 3. This gorgeous gizmo comes equipped with an exciting ‘see-through’ mode, a pioneering step in the VR world that truly propels us into the future. Here, we see our reality interwoven with the digital one, like threads in a cosmic tapestry.

Introducing Meta Quest 3 | Coming This Fall

But alas! Our dear Mike appears unimpressed. He believes this futuristic feature is all smoke and mirrors, and won’t be particularly useful or engaging. Oh, Mike, how could you? It’s as if you’ve walked into a five-star gourmet restaurant and asked for a plain old cheese sandwich.

Why, we believe this color passthroughmode is not just a feature but a game-changer!  It’s like the sprouting wings on a caterpillar’s back, poised to morph us from earthbound creatures to masters of a dual reality. But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you, dear readers, to join us on a fantastic journey as we counter Mike’s view point by point in our latest YouTube video.


In the interview above, we showed concept videos from other VR headsets such as Varjo XR-3 and Hololens.  However, the mixed reality apps that we talked about in the video are on the way for Quest 3 as well.  Here’s a video of Mark Zuckerberg showing features similar to those we talked about in the interview.


Stay tuned, for our full interview with Mic, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than you think. 😉

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