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9 Insta360 X3 Tips to Shoot without Keyframing

Insta360 tips to shoot without keyframing

Do you want to shoot with the Insta360 X3 without keyframing?  Did you know you can shoot even with damaged lenses?  How do you get the best image quality from the Insta360 X3?  Here are 9 Insta360 tips to shoot without keyframing.

360 cameras have many advantages over traditional cameras, such as their amazing stabilization and third person perspective.  However, they usually require more editing time to convert a 360 video into a reframed non-360 video.  The Insta360 X3 (reviewed here) is a 360 camera that promises to make editing easier with new features that make keyframing unnecessary.  Here are 9 tips to shoot without keyframing on the Insta360 X3.

Tip 1. How to shoot with damaged lenses
Tip 2: Me Mode shooting tip
Tip 3: Creative transitions
Tip 4: Don’t aim at yourself
Tip 5: Adjusting me mode
Tip 6: Choosing a selfie stick
Tip 7: Slow Motion Me Mode
Tip 8: You Mode
Tip 9: How to better image quality


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