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15 creative shots for Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount

Here are 15 fun shots for the Monkey Tail Mount.  Note: I posted a longer version of this video earlier but Insta360 changed its mind about release dates and asked me to pull the video.  I’ve shortened it to just the Monkey Tail Mount.

Monkey tail mount ($19.99) is a flexible camera mount that can be used in many ways as a hands-free mount.  See the preview here.  I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks.  I wouldn’t use it as a replacement for a monopod or selfie stick.  Rather, I think it is useful for unique shots that can add variety to your regular shots.  For that reason, I always bring the monkey tail with me with my Insta360 Go 2 or One X2 or One RS.

Monkey Tail is a versatile hands-free camera mount
Monkey Tail is a versatile hands-free camera mount