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6 reasons you need a 360 camera for your vacation

If you’re going on a vacation, you really need to take a 360 camera with you.  Here are 6 reasons why.

1. Location, location, location.
The location is an essential part of your vacation memories, and because a 360 camera captures everything around it, it’s the perfect tool for capturing your memory of a location and putting your photo in context.  (Click on the sample photos and videos to see a 360 view).

2.  Atmosphere.
A 360 camera is great at capturing the local flavor of a place.

3.  Group shots.
With a 360 camera, there’s no need to pose everyone in front of the camera.  You can stay right where you are, making it easier and more convenient to take group shots.

4.  Include everyone in the shot.
Everyone is included in the shot — even the designated photographer.

5.  Hands-free.
Many 360 cameras can be used hands-free, leaving you free to enjoy the moment.

6.  A uniquely immersive view.
Photos and videos from a 360 camera can be viewed in a VR headset, which gives a uniquely immersive view of the location that is not possible with a conventional (non-360) photo or video.

If you’re looking for a 360 camera for your next vacation, here are the best ones!

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    • Hi Jim! They both work pretty well, depending on your priorities. The Keymission was much better for videos and I liked its low light performance better. The weatherproofing was handy for the swimming pool and when it rained.

      The Theta was convenient to use (I just used the lens cap), was great for photos with perfect stitching. Its videos are not as good as the Keymission but I think they are ok for viewing on Facebook on a smartphone.

      In summary, my first question would be whether the weatherproofing is useful for your trip. If yes, I would bring the Keymission. If not, then it's a question of whether you want to prioritize photos (Theta) or videos (Keymission).

      Best regards,

    • Thank you for your comments. You made me re-xamine the Keymission a few weeks ago and I do like it more and more. Enjoying your site. It's THE site for 360 news. Thank you again.

    • Thanks Jim. I appreciate the feedback. About the Keymission 360, it's got some issues and it disappointed a lot of people who were expecting perfection from Nikon. But even if it's not perfect, it's pretty good for certain things like being weatherproof and having quick turnaround time due to in-camera stitching, which I think is why it has been selected by AP and USA Today for its journalists.

      Best regards,