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3D Virtual Tours with Aleta S2C ArrayDAR virtual tour 360 camera with LiDAR (see the 3D sample)

360 camera with LiDAR for 3D virtual tours
360 camera with LiDAR for 3D virtual tours

How would you like to shoot a virtual tour with a 360 camera with built-in LiDAR for 3D scanning?  ArrayDAR is a LiDAR scanner for the Aleta S2C, a high resolution 66mp 360 camera.  Here are the specifications and a sample. Here is a video of the ArrayDAR in action:

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360 photos are an excellent way of presenting virtual tours but customers sometimes complain that they don’t get a good sense of how rooms are connected to each other.  There are virtual tours that use 3D models to show the rooms are positioned vis-a-vis each other, such as Matterport, which uses a scanning camera.  However, it requires a costly monthly subscription and has limited options for editing photos.

The Google Street View camera has seven sensors and captures 140 megapixel photos
The Google Street View camera has seven sensors and captures 140 megapixel photos

Another option that may be emerging is to use a 360 camera with LiDAR (which is like radar but with lasers).  That’s the option used by Google for its Street View cameras, which is not available for purchase.  There are a few industrial cameras with LiDAR for 3D scanning, such as the Leica BLK360 ($18,900) and BLK2go (around $49,500), but their cost is prohibitive.  Now an analogous option may be available for prosumers.

The ArrayDAR is a LiDAR accessory for the Ultracker Aleta S2C, a high resolution 360 camera.  By combining the 360 photo from the Aleta with the point cloud generated by the ArrayDAR, a user can generate a 3D model.

Here are the specifications of the ArrayDAR:

3D FOV360° x 340°
Working distance1m to 6m
Accuracy+/- 1%
Frequency4.2 Mhz
High resolution,
High speed
Scanning points30000 pts/sec (Normal) 60000 pts/sec (High Res./Speed)
ConnectorUSB Type C
File formatPCD, OBJ(by APP)
Battery1500 mAh

Here is a sample 3D model from a prototype

P5728_0173 by reirenyang on Sketchfab

Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.  I will update this post when I find out.  Thank you very much to Michel Mendes, a veteran professional virtual tour photographer, for bringing this to my attention.

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