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Axis is a depth-sensing VR180 camera by Lucid (CES 2019)

Axis depth-sensing VR180 camera by Lucid
Axis depth-sensing VR180 camera by Lucid
Axis depth-sensing VR180 camera by Lucid
Axis depth-sensing VR180 camera by Lucid

Lucid, makers of Lucidcam, one of the first VR180 cameras on the market, have announced a depth-sensing VR180 camera called Axis.  Axis uses depth sensors to enable creators to generate 3D models as easily as taking a photo or video.

To create Axis, Lucid partnered with eYs3D Microelectronics Technology (eYs3D), the company behind the embedded cameras in Oculus headsets and the cameras in the new cashier-less Amazon Go stores.

Axis will be available Q3 2019.  I will check out their booth at CES 2019!

In the meantime, here is the press release:

Lucid Partners with eYs3D (Etron’s Subsidiary) to Create the First VR180 Depth Camera Module


eYs3D integrates Lucid’s 3D Fusion AI solution into their 180 degree depth camera module, AXIS, surpassing depth sensors in cost, resolution and field of view


January 8, 2019 – CES, Las Vegas, Nev. – eYs3D Microelectronics Technology (eYs3D), the company behind embedded camera modules in top tier AR/VR headsets and smart retail stores, today announces that AI vision startup, Lucid, will power their next generation depth-sensing camera module, called AXIS. For the first time a single, small, handheld device can capture accurate 3D depth maps with up to 180-degree field of view at high resolution, allowing content creators to scan, reconstruct and output precise 3D point clouds.


This new camera module (being demoed for the first time at CES) will allow developers, animators and game designers a way to transform the physical world into a virtual world, ramping up content for 3D, VR and AR all with superior performance in resolution and field of view at much lower cost than technologies currently available. The new AXIS camera module featuring the Lucid 3D Fusion Technology will be on display and available for demos at CES 2019, starting today at booth #21615, South Hall 1, LVCC, Las Vegas, Nev.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were initially created to blur the lines between digital and physical reality, but recently it has struggled to take off due to many factors, especially the lack of content, for example. Starting with 360-degree cameras, the industry moved to VR180 to allow users to create content more easily, however, the problem still persisted. A device capturing the environment exactly as you perceive it, but enhanced with capabilities of precise depth, distance and understanding could help completely eliminate the boundaries between what you see in the real world and what you can create in the virtual VR and AR world.  This is what the Lucid-powered eYs3D’s AXIS camera module brings to content creators, as they gain the “super power” of transforming anything in their vision into a 3D object or scene which others can experience, interact and walk in.


What was previously possible only with 8-16 high-end DSLR cameras and expensive software or depth sensors is now combined into a single, tiny camera module with stereo lenses paired with IR sensors. AXIS is the world’s first depth-sensing solution which will cover up to 180- degrees field of view while providing millimeter-accurate 3D in point cloud or depth map format. This device provides a simple plug-and-play experience through USB 3.1 Gen1/2 and supported Windows and Linux software suites, allowing you to further develop your own depth applications such as 3D reconstructing an entire scene, scanning faces into 3D models, or just telling how far away an object is.


“As we are experiencing high demand for AIoT products in the market, eYs3D’s latest AXIS ultra-wide angle and FHD depth map camera module can greatly enhance 3D content generation,” said Jason Lin, VP of R&D, eYs3D. “Our partnership with Lucid will allow us to tackle a significant market gap and fast rising demand for depth sensing solutions, 3D and content creation for a range of 3D scenarios using AR/VR.”


Lucid’s AI-enhanced 3D/depth solution, known as 3D Fusion Technology, is currently deployed in many devices, such as 3D cameras, security and retail cameras, robots, and mobile phones, including the RED Hydrogen One which just launched through ATT and Verizon nationwide.


“This partnership with eYs3D will deliver a superior depth system in both cost, size and performance compared to current market solutions,” said Han Jin, CEO and co-founder, Lucid. “Now anyone in the industry will be able to easily generate point clouds for facial scanning, 3D model making, or turning a complete scene into a VR environment at a fraction of the cost and higher performance. It will remarkably reshape how VR and AR content is developed.”


eYs3D’s new depth camera module powered by Lucid will be available in Q3 2019.


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About (Etron Group) eYs3D Microelectronics Technology, Inc.

Etron Technology (TPEx:5351.TW), is a world class fabless IC and System-in-Package (SiP) design house. With products ranging from Consumer Electronics DRAM (CEDRAM), Known- Good-Die Memory (KGDM), to USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C high speed switch/mux controller with Power Delivery. eYs3D is one of its subsidiaries, specializing in 3D depth mapping & 360 image processors. (


About Lucid

Lucid is a leading AI vision startup developing software solutions for 3D capture and depth sensing based on machine learning. Leveraging only dual/multi camera setups, 3D Fusion Technology has been deployed in millions of devices in mass production from mobile phones to 3D cameras to robots, drones, security and other smart camera systems. Lucid’s easily integratable SDK allows standard cameras to outperform emission-based hardware depth systems in cost, space and development by training in the cloud and inferring depth on the edge. For more information, visit