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Build Minecraft worlds in VR with 3D Sunshine

The detailed lighthouse you see here was built in less than 20 minutes using an amazing tool called 3D Sunshine, an app for the HTC Vive that enables you to create game worlds in VR with no math, as easily and intuitively as you would want it to be.
To be honest, I don’t play Minecraft (though my kids do).  But even I can appreciate the pleasure of using a simple, powerful and intuitive way to create 3D structures in a VR environment.  3D Sunshine is a tool that allows gamers to change game worlds.  Initially, it’s being used for Minecraft, but eventually, it will also be usable for Grand Theft Auto V and other games.

What makes 3D Sunshine different is that it allows you to build your creation in virtual reality.  VR makes it easy to visualize and create.  Here’s a video showing how the lighthouse was made in 3D Sunshine.

I was able to test a pre-release version of 3D Sunshine and it is indeed as easy as it looks in this demo video.  It is fantastic, regardless of whether you play Minecraft.  But for a Minecraft player like my son, it is a dream come true.

Sadly, the pre-release version won’t allow me to save the creation and use it in Minecraft, but as you can see from the demo video, you will indeed be able to do that in the release version of 3D Sunshine.