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Bullet Time 2.0: Insta360 shows its new bullet time accessory

Insta360's new bullet time accessory
Insta360’s new bullet time accessory

Insta360 is releasing a new accessory that makes bullet time videos easier with the Insta360 ONE.

When Insta360 ONE (reviewed here) was launched last year, they created a sensation with their bullet time effect. It enables the user to swing the Insta360 ONE around and capture a super slow motion view around the user that looks like the bullet time scenes from the matrix.

A few weeks later, I created a tutorial for the bullet time effect with almost any camera. The key was to use a handle with swivel.

Insta360 has taken this idea and created a dedicated accessory for bullet time. The problem with the swiveling handle I used was that it had a GoPro mount so you had to support the swivel to keep it vertical and in-line with the handle. The Insta360 accessory has a fixed 90-degree angle, so you can simply hold the handle. The new accessory also has a simple 1/4-20 attachment for a selfie stick, which makes it easier to use it. Here’s a video with the new accessory:

No word yet on cost or availability. The Chinese New Year holiday, which is the most important holiday in China, and lasts a week, begins February 8. If they haven’t launched it by now, I don’t think we’ll see it until after the February 15.

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  • Not sure if I will state is 2.0 and an accessory which will be available to the public… not according to their answer

    ” Insta360 Hi Ed, that rotating handle is a custom accessory not currently sold but you can check out what’s included in our bundle here:

    even on their Valentine bundle is not coming the swiveling handle. I truly believe customers are asking for it, that a lot of current customers will buy it (I will do depending on cost for sure).

    • I wonder if that “bundle” with the selfie stick is their way of getting rid of their current stock of “regular” selfie sticks so that they can in a few months introduce their “all new” bullet-time selfie stick !

      Many enterprises proceed that way. For example, you will see a software at a very low price and then two months later, there is the new version of the software at regular price… Same thing with cameras where the price goes down a lot and then a month later there is the all-new model !

  • I imagine this would work just as well with other 360 cameras such as the Mijiia…Its just a 90 degree handle with a swivel, I wonder if a third party solution could be found elsewhere?

  • Watching their clip a few times, I wonder just how many times people will be shooting bullet-time selfies. It’s bound to get repetitive to watch after a while – seeing people twirl this thing around themselves with their arm extended.

    We’ll very rapidly get to a point where we’re bound to say “Oh no ! Not another one of those !”
    Watching that couple do a few imaginative things with it was kinda fun, but would we watch dozens of these ? Surely, seeing a bunch of twirling selfies of some guy with the inevitable statue of liberty pose in every shot is definitely going to get boring real fast !

  • Early in February, I posted: “I wonder if that “bundle” with the selfie stick is their way of getting rid of their current stock of “regular” selfie sticks so that they can in a few months introduce their “all new” bullet-time selfie stick !”

    Well, I was right. And it didn’t take “a few months”. Insta360 just announced their new bundle (a single month later) available from Apple and it includes that illusive “bullet time” handle…

      • Ha Ha ! I beat you to it ! 🙂

        But actually, it might be interesting to find out if that handle will also be sold separately as an accessory and if it will be available elsewhere than from Apple…