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Insta360 Ace Pro lens guard removed by a user (retail version)

Insta360 Ace Pro lens guard removed by user

An Insta360 Ace Pro user has been able to remove the lens guard from his camera, which appears to confirm that the lens guard can indeed be removed against Insta360’s instructions.

Insta360 Ace Pro (reviewed here) is the world’s first 8k action cam.  Although it has groundbreaking resolution, it has a few disadvantages, one of which is that Insta360 said the lens guard is not removable. Insta360 made this design decision to improve the waterproofing.  Instead, Insta360 offered to replace a damaged lens guard for free within the first year of purchase.

Although Insta360 said the lens guard wasn’t removable, there have been rumors that it was actually removable but sealed with glue.  I previously posted about third party sellers claiming to sell filter kits to replace the lens guard on the Insta360 Ace Pro and Insta360 Ace.  However, no one knew for sure if these kits would really work.  Third party sellers posted videos showing them removing the lens guard, but it wasn’t clear if the cameras they showed were preproduction units with removable lens guards:

Now, an Insta360 Ace Pro user, Jovac Lee, has tried one of those kits and was able to remove and reinstall the lens guard on his Ace Pro.   Here is a link to the video he posted on Facebook.  His voiceover is in Filipino, and here is my translation:

"Let's switch [back] to the stock lens guard.
You'll need tools, like this.
Mount [the tool].
Then twist it counterclockwise.
Click. Voila.
We can now return the stock [lens guard].
Same way.
Just put it on.
Mount the tool, twist.
That's it.
Back to stock.

Jovac said that his camera is a retail version, not a preproduction unit.  Jovac’s video appears to confirm that you can remove the lens guard with the right tool and that at least one third party seller’s filter can be used with the Ace Pro.

However, again, removing the lens guard goes against Insta360’s explicit instructions and this will void your warranty.  If your camera is damaged, Insta360 will see that the seal is broken and won’t repair it.  If you still want to order the filter, here it is (it’s not an affiliate link).

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  • Allways nice to get 3rd party gear.

    I just wonder about the crack in the original lense cover after use of the removal tool.
    There was a tiny crack at the right corner before the use, and a crack expands after the removal tool application. You can see it in the video.
    So, does the removal tool cracked it, and what happens with upcoming lense removals.
    Or the crack just happend while turn and break the original lense clue.

    • If you look at ~0:47, it seems the crack was always pretty large. I’m wondering if the user cracked his lens, then decided “why not try a 3rd party one?” Obviously, he very well might have cracked it trying to take it off, but perhaps not.