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HUNDREDS of games converted to VR: Praydog UEVR released!!! What you need to know

UEVR release date appears imminent

Praydog’s UEVR mod will convert around 90% of Unreal Engine games into VR and it appears that it will be released soon, based on a detailed user guide that was recently posted on Discord.  Here’s what you need to know.  UPDATE: Praydog has a “special release” today 12/31/23 at 9pm GMT / 4pm ET / 1pm PT.  UPDATE 2: it’s released! Download it here! Check out the beginners guide to UEVR.

Praydog UEVR may be released 12/31/23 9pm GMT / 4pm ET / 1pm PT
Praydog UEVR may be released 12/31/23 9pm GMT / 4pm ET / 1pm PT

What is UEVR and why is it a big deal?

Imagine being able to play literally hundreds of games made on Unreal Engine in VR.  That’s what UEVR mod will do.

Hogwarts Legacy can be played in VR with UEVR
Hogwarts Legacy can be played in VR with UEVR

What are non-VR games like in VR?

If a non-VR game is converted into VR, will it automatically convert it to first person?  NO.  When a non-VR game is converted to VR, it means that you’ll be able to see the game in VR with your VR headset, but if the game is third person view then in most cases, it will still remain in third person view.  It will seem like you are standing beside or above the characters.

As for converted first person games, they will be more similar to VR games except that there is no teleporting, and in most cases, the controls will be with a gamepad.  Don’t expect that you’ll be able to swing a sword or aim a gun the way you can do in a native VR game.  Motion controls like that are possible with UEVR but require custom modifications, which have only been enabled on a couple dozen games to date, such as Robocop.  Instead, it will be up to the VR community to create motion control mods for UEVR games.

Tester Alex has made a guide for converting 3rd person games to 1st person and adding motion controls:

Will all games work with UEVR?

NO.  It only works with games made with certain versions of Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5, and even then, not all games will work.  Out of the 664 games tested as of 12/30/23, 611 of them (92%) work OK, work well, or work perfectly, which is incredible but don’t expect it to work with every game.  Many of games that don’t work with UEVR have anti-cheat features that block mods.

Will UEVR work with Meta Quest?  Which VR headsets work with UEVR?

UEVR works on headsets that work with either OpenVR or OpenXR.  This includes any headset that can use SteamVR including Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 or Quest when used with PCVR (here’s a beginners’ guide to PCVR on Quest).  Yes, this means you’ll need a VR-ready PC to use UEVR.  UEVR does not work on Quest if you don’t have a PC.

Note: because most UEVR games will be stationary (not roomscale) and will be controlled with a gamepad, you can use a USB cable for Quest Link instead of using wireless Air Link for better quality.

When will UEVR be released?  Where can I download UEVR?

UEVR is released! Download it here!

How much is UEVR?

UEVR is free but you can support Praydog on Patreon here.

Play Jedi Fallen Order in VR with UEVR
Play Jedi Fallen Order in VR with UEVR

Steam sale on UEVR-compatible games and other flat2VR games

Meanwhile, the Steam Winter Sale is ending on January 4 10am PST.  Several UEVR-compatible games are on sale including:

  • Robocop: Rogue City
  • Lies of P
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Darksiders III
  • Sifu
  • Talos Principle 2
  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (“works well”) and Jedi Survivor (“works poorly”).

The Steam sale also includes games that use the Resident Evil engine, which is not compatible with UEVR but for which Praydog has also created VR mods that work very well:

  • Street Fighter 6
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Resident Evil 2, 3, 4, 7, Village
  • Monster Hunter Rise

Incidentally, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (reviewed here) is also on sale — you get both the non-VR and native VRversions for $4.49.

Where can I get more information about UEVR?

You can join the flat2vr Discord, or follow flat2VR on Twitter.  Here is a beginners guide to using UEVR for Quest.  Check out the UEVR FAQ and list of compatible games here.

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