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How to try an Apple Vision Pro demo (only for a VERY limited time)

Apple Vision Pro release date and demo

Apple Vision Pro preorders will commence on January 19, 2024, 5am PT and will ship on February 2.  You’ll be able to demo the Apple Vision Pro at participating retail outlets starting February 2 at 8am through February 4 on a first-come first-served basis.  I find it curious that demos are available only on the shipping date and not the preorder date.  I’m even more curious why the demos will end so soon, given that it is supposed to be such a different product.  It seems that it would be something people would have to try first, particularly given its price.

UPDATE: I got to try out the Vision Pro.  Here are my thoughts on spatial video.

I’m guessing that the limited demo period will cause a lot of people to line up for the demo while they can, and Apple wants the long lines at stores to create the illusion of social proof that people really want the Vision Pro, even though I’m speculating that the vast majority of those lining up are only curious to try it out and few of them will actually be able to afford the $3,499 mixed reality headset.  And perhaps the long lines will weed out all but die-hard Apple fans who will be eager to post rave reviews to drown out the inevitable comparisons to the Meta Quest.

The real test though is whether the ones who do buy it end up keeping it.  Or will they be disappointed and return it?

Apple seems to have a lot riding on the Vision Pro.  It’s their first entirely new category of device since the Apple Watch.  Although more than 20 million Quest headsets have been sold as of Q1 2023, VR hasn’t become mainstream yet in the sense of being part of the everyday lives of many people.

With a $3,499 price tag (over $3,000 more than the Quest 2), could Vision Pro have any chance of making VR mainstream?  On paper, it sounds impossible.  But it’s hard to bet against a company with Apple’s track record of iconic products such as the iPod and iPhone that revolutionized their respective product categories.

I’m going to try to demo Vision Pro, unless the lines are impossibly long.  I’m most curious about the spatial video capability.  Is it really that different from regular 3D?  I’m also curious about how its mixed reality passthrough compares to that of the Quest 3.   And finally, I’d like to see how well Vision Pro can be used as a “spatial computer.”

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  • Hey Mic, just my opinion of course, but this price point seems soooo out of reach for the broader market. I know some will buy in and I’m sure it’s a great product. I just don’t think it will be very attainable for most.

  • Mic, I think you just nailed it … Apple is going for the max hype fabrication on the launch weekend by concentrating the crowds during only 3 days of in-person demos.

  • My big question is if / how to get ones own 360 and 180 stereo imagery onto the headset. will there be a way to merchandise content for individuals?