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Insta360 AI Warp effect now available for most Insta360 cameras!

Insta360 AI Warp now available for most Insta360 cameras

Insta360’s generative AI filter called AI Warp is now available to other Insta360 cameras!  Here’s how to use it.

Insta360’s generative AI filter, AI Warp, was first launched together with the Insta360 Ace Pro (reviewed here), its 8k action cam, and Insta360 Ace, its 6k action cam.  But with the latest Insta360 update, AI Warp is now available for X3 (reviewed here), One X2, One X, Go 3 (reviewed here), Go 2, Flow, One RS, One R and Sphere.   Insta360 Go was not mentioned but this could have been an accidental omission.

The AI Warp effect can be used both for 360 videos and flat or reframed videos.

Here is a tutorial for AI Warp:

Please note that AI Warp has a limit on number of uses because of the computing resources needed to create this effect.  The current limit is 3 uses per day, but this is subject to change.  Beyond the limit, you’ll need to pay for it.

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  • Oh this is a News ) but i dont understand i have not this ai wrap in my lab…i already check bith ios/android only ai sky , with name ai…and i checked it a lot of time…and finaly when it come to other cameras i cant have it 🙁

  • Gadgets for children and childlike minds
    This tends not to encourage peoples own creativity.
    You’re welcome to have a different opinion, but for me it’s 90% pointless…

  • Great stuff. creative art AI where it makes sense. excellent.
    Well, as it is software based, I like to know if generic videos are supported too, or it only applies on INSTA360 file format