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POLL: Which XPhase Scan is better? (Car interior samples)

Which Xphase Scan is better?

We need your help to determine what kind of XPhase Scan camera to produce IF you are interested in XPhase Scan.  Would you prefer to have an XPhase Scan camera that can focus on near objects but far objects will be out of focus, or would you prefer a version where objects from around 3 feet are in focus but everything closer than that is out of focus?   Check out the samples and participate in the 1-question poll.

XPhase Scan, the new affordable 16k virtual tour camera, is about to go to mass production.  The manufacturer needs your help to decide what focal distance to use.

  • The first option is to have the focal distance at 1.8 meters.  At this focal distance, everything from around 0.94 meters to infinity will be in focus, while anything closer than around 0.94 meters (about 3 feet) will appear out of focus.
  • The second option is to have the focal distance at 1.2 meters, which would be able to focus on objects as close as 0.716 meters (about 2 feet 4 inches) up to around 3.7 meters (around 12 feet). Anything beyond 12 feet will appear out of focus.

Here are samples of two car interiors with distant objects also visible.  One was shot with an Xphase Scan with 1.2 meter focal distance (courtesy of Dean Zwikel), while the other was shot with a 1.8 meter focal distance (shot by me).

As you can see, the 1.2 meter version puts the car interior in focus, but distant scenery appear out of focus.   This focal distance would be useful for taking virtual tours of small or medium spaces.

The 1.8 meter version has the distant scenery in focus, but the steering wheel and other near objects appear out of focus.  This could be useful if you plan to use the XPhase Scan for landscape photos.

Now that you’ve seen the samples, here is the poll:

Super Survey

Thanks for participating in the poll!

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  • Hi Mic

    I’m not sure a car interior is a good example upon which to make this decision. I really don’t think the xphase scan is the right camera for that application, either in the top end (= DSLR through window/windows whited out or photoshopped) or the resale market (= decent 360 camera better option due to minimal nadir patch, unlike your example normally these are centred in cabin in which case nadir patching is v.difficult).

    When it comes to “virtual tours” you definately need a camera that can also appear in reasonable focus in the middle distance. My main use case is resort hotels/spas/villas where large dining and function rooms and external swimming pool areas etc. are key. Of course in these cases there are some small rooms (en-suites) so it would be great to see such examples with the 1.8m focus.

    For me, except in art galleries/museums (where copyyright concerns may prefer limited zoom?), the areas where the xphase Scan higher resolution (cf 1-shot 360 cameras) and therefore zooming-in is of most importance will be larger areas. Only 360 photographers zoom in on shampoo in an ensuite, but “normal” users like to zoom into distant external objects.

    So I think you can guess my answer: I wouldn’t buy the 1.2m focus version. If I need to use another set up in en-suites that is a smaller challenge and anyhow resolution is less important so I could limit zoom levels in the xml.

    I really think the poll would be more accurate once we can all see your test results in a range of other situations: small large/rooms and external areas but particularly in windows / doorways to judge the dynamic range.

    However let’s see what others think/use cases.

    Thanks again for all your careful analysis over the years.

  • Hi Mic,
    How did you delete the tripod? what the program used? I tried the Affinity program, and when I deleted the tripod, the surface of the image was distorted

    • Hi Khalifah. In this sample, the one that looks like it has a clear nadir was attached upside down via suction to the sunroof. But I’ll create a tutorial for fixing the nadir.

  • Hi Mic question. the windows program (calibration tool) asks for an email and password, where can I find this account? Please.