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Demeter: the first mixed reality platformer

The first mixed reality platformer is being released in January 2024!  It’s called Demeter.  Here’s the trailer:

What is mixed reality?  Mixed reality vs augmented reality vs virtual reality

What is the difference between VR, augmented reality and mixed reality?  When you wear a VR headset, it feels like you are in another place such as being underwater or an alien planet.  It’s an immersive experience.

With augmented reality, you use glasses that let you see around you but can overlay virtual objects such as menus that float in your room.  The issue with augmented reality is that the virtual objects appear within a relatively small part of your field of vision.  If you’re looking at a small virtual object, it’s not a problem.  But if you’re looking at something larger such as a life size car, then the image will be cut off outside a postage stamp size part of your glasses.  I’ve tried several augmented reality glasses and headsets and none of them made me feel that the virtual objects were really there in the room.

Mixed reality is similar to augmented reality in that it shows virtual objects in your environment but works in a different way.  It works like a VR headset that fills most of your field of vision, but adds a color passthrough camera that lets you see your room like regular glasses.  Like augmented reality, the experience takes place in your room and not some virtual world, but unlike augmented reality, virtual objects aren’t cutoff outside a small field of view.  They appear more convincing and there’s a stronger illusion of object permanence, as if they are really there in your room.

Why Demeter is revolutionary for mixed reality gaming

There are many mixed reality games (see this list) but Demeter is the first mixed reality platformer.  This is an impressive technical achievement because the game designers had to consider that every user would be playing in a different environment.  How do you design a platformer that works just as well in one player’s bedroom as another player’s living room?   In Demeter’s case, they solved this problem by using procedurally generated levels and challenges created in real time.

Demeter will be released January 25, 2024.  Although Demeter works best with Quest 3’s detailed color passthrough cameras, the game is also compatible with Quest Pro and Quest 2.  You can pre-order now to get a 10% discount.  Caution: if you preorder, then please note the 14-day refund period starts from the preorder, not from the availability of the app itself.

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