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Which Quest 3 games have mixed reality? Here are 56 (as of December 7, 2023)

31 Quest 3 mixed reality games

Which Quest 3 games have mixed reality support?  In 2023, there will be over 50 Quest 3 mixed reality games. Here are 56 games and apps that have mixed reality, augmented reality, or passthrough support (note: some of them are not shown in the montage).  The ones in italics have very good use of mixed reality, in I’ll keep adding more to this list as I find them.

Exciting Battles:

Spatial Ops is a mixed reality arena-scale team shooter for Quest 3

  • YUKI Space Ranger: The popular bullet hell game has been updated to add a new MRCade mode where you can defend your bedroom against aliens! (added 10/12). I really enjoyed it!
  • FPS Enhanced Reality: play a first person shooter in mixed reality!
  • Spatial Ops: Engage in an arena-scale multiplayer shooter, blending the realms of virtual and reality.
  • Bam: Dive into a multiplayer battle set within a holographic tabletop arena.
  • Blaston: Challenge opponents in a 1-on-1 duel, arming yourself with varied weapons and dodging bullets in slow motion.
  • Broken Edge: Engage in electrifying 1-on-1 swordfights against formidable human opponents or computer AI.
  • Demeo Battles: Engage in intense battles with friends on a dynamic, living gameboard.  Note: this game is different from Demeo below.
  • NEW! Asgard’s Wrath 2: there’s a new mixed reality minigame (coming December 15, 2023).
  • NEW! Knockout League: now featuring a mixed reality option.
  • Thrill of the Fight: the most realistic boxing game on Quest has a mixed reality option that lets you see your environment (hopefully you’ll avoid punching your TV).  Note: this is one of my favorite VR games.  I’ve had it ever since it was a desktop app and I repurchased it when it became available for the Quest.  Awesome workout.  Mixed reality makes it feel like you are sparring with a hologram.

Immersive Adventures

Build LEGOs to solve puzzles in LEGO Bricktales

  • NEW! Demeter: the first mixed reality platformer!  The heroine Atalante has crash landed in your room.  Help her get back to save your world and ours.
  • Lego Bricktales: Harness your LEGO building skills and creativity to tackle holographic puzzles.
  • Espire 2: Harness your spy skills to combat enemy soldiers infiltrating your home.
  • Demeo: For enthusiasts of Dungeons and Dragons, this offers the chance to play on a vibrant, living gameboard positioned on your dining table.
  • Stranger Things VR: Experience the thrill as portals to the Upside Down manifest within your bedroom.
  • Drop Dead: the Cabin: Stand your ground, defending your home from relentless waves of zombies.
  • Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord: Embark on a Ghostbusters adventure, complete with a mixed reality minigame featuring Mini-Puft Marshmallows.
  • Zombie Noir: Once more, brace yourself to repel a horde of zombies targeting your home.
  • First Encounter (Free app included with Quest): Aliens invade your living room, crashing through your walls!
  • First Hand (Free app included with Quest): Learn to use hand tracking controls.  Has a mixed reality introductory scene.
  • Wallace & Gromit: the Grand Getaway: Set out on a captivating Wallace & Gromit adventure, bolstered with an engaging mixed reality mini-game.
  • Hauntify Mixed Reality: Ghosts in your house!

Creative Experiences:

Learn piano Guitar Hero-style in Pianovision

  • Pianovision: Embrace the world of music by learning the piano, Guitar Hero-style.  You can even use your actual piano or keyboard.
  • Wooorld: Embark on global journeys with your friends, while navigating using an interactive holographic 3D world map.
  • Painting VR: Delve into a virtual painter’s studio, enhanced with mixed reality capabilities.
  • Rube Goldberg: Unleash your imagination, constructing outlandish machines in a mixed reality environment.
  • Coaster Mania: Channel your inner designer to create miniature rollercoasters around your abode.
  • Tribe DJ Academy: Learn to become a DJ, using virtualized official Pioneer DJ equipment in a mixed reality setting.
  • Multibrush: multiplayer version of Google Tilt Brush where you and your friends can paint in thin air.
  • Virtuoso: create music with virtual instruments in your room (color passthrough mode).
  • Patchworld: play music with your friends! Now with a color passthrough mode.
  • NEW! Islanders VR Edition: create cities, now with support for passthrough mode.
  • NEW! Slot Car VR: create impossible tracks and race slot cars.
  • NEW! Track Craft: Control virtual RC vehicles and create tracks for them around your house.  Demo available here.

Mixed Reality for Everyday Use:

Arkio lets architects and designers build and test ideas in mixed reality

  • Arkio: An innovative app tailored for architects and designers. Here, you can create models to step into or even redesign your home.
  • Xtadium: Watch NBA and MMA on expansive virtual monitors placed anywhere you choose.
  • Meta Horizon Workrooms: Enhance collaboration with your coworkers, all within a virtual or mixed reality environment.
  • Shapes XR: Team up to design intricate 3D objects, augmented with mixed reality support.
  • Nanome: Discover the next medical breakthrough! Collaborate with fellow scientists and engineers in VR, studying and constructing intricate 3D molecules.
  • VSpatial: A transformative virtual workspace tailored for the mixed reality experience.
  • Immersed: Experience productivity like never before, viewing up to 5 virtual monitors tethered to your PC.
  • First Aid Mixed Reality: learn how to administer first aid in a mixed reality environment.
  • ImmerGallery: see 360, VR180, and 3D in mixed reality, on a floating movie screen in your room.
  • Rezzil: sports training app now supports mixed reality.

Stimulate Your Mind and Body:

Punch targets and dodge obstacles in Les Mills Bodycombat

  • NEW! Skygaze*:  This excellent app turns your room into a planetarium or it can show you your night sky in realtime (based on your location and orientation).  As of November 7, 2023, this amazing app is free.
  • Eleven Table Tennis: one of the most highly regarded table tennis simulation games for VR now has mixed reality support.  Try it with a real table tennis table!
  • Les Mills Bodycombat: Enhance your fitness through dynamic punches and swift dodges against oncoming obstacles.  The mixed reality mode makes one of your walls appear to fall away and has targets coming at you from that hole. Note: When I first tried this app, it seemed that I got stuck on the introduction lesson.  But somehow I was able to go to the main menu which unlocked the other exercises.  Compared to similar apps I’ve tried, I like how this one has a variety of strikes including knee strikes.
  • Cubism: Solve puzzles by manipulating virtual bricks to assemble increasingly complex shapes.
  • Gravity Sketch: A sophisticated 3D design tool augmented with mixed reality support.
  • Tripp: Blend meditation with creativity, and earn ethereal virtual objects that you can use to adorn your home in mixed reality.
  • Gravity Lab: Dive into physics-based sci-fi puzzles with a mixed reality viewing option.
  • Figmin XR: A mixed reality sandbox awaiting your exploration.
  • Puzzling Places: assemble a 3D puzzle of buildings.  Now with mixed reality passthrough mode.
  • Out of Scale: mixed reality update lets you bring objects and creatures you’ve unlocked into your home.
  • MiRacle Pool: a virtual billiards table in your room
  • NEW! Pillow: a relaxing mixed reality app designed to be used while lying in bed on your pillow.


Shoot flying Mini-Pufts in Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

These are just some of the mixed reality games and apps for Quest 3 in the launch window, with many more to come.  Which ones are you most interested in?  Let me know!  If several of these piqued your interest, you might be wondering if you should get 128GB or 512GB.  Check out my analysis.

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