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FIRST LOOK: Hands-on with the 16K XPhase Scan

Hands-on unboxing of the 16K Xphase Scan

Here’s a first look at the new 16K XPhase Scan.


The XPhase Scan comes in a waterproof hard case with custom foam inserts.

XPhase Scan comes in a waterproof hard case
XPhase Scan comes in a waterproof hard case

The package came with the following:

  • XPhase Scan
  • 32GB USB thumbdrive
  • Wi-Fi USB dongle
  • 1/4-20 to 3/8-16 adapter / mini extension rod
  • 18650 battery
  • 18650 battery charger
  • USB cable (Micro USB)
  • USB charger (0.6A, autovolt 100/240V)
  • waterproof hard case
XPhase Scan - what's in the box
XPhase Scan – what’s in the box

The XPhase Scan has an all-metal housing and feels substantial:

The XPhase Scan is all-metal
The XPhase Scan is all-metal

The XPhase Scan has three lenses.  The middle lens appears to be centered at the rotational axis of the XPhase Scan, while the top and bottom lenses are offset by just about 3mm behind the turning axis.   The lenses are rectilinear wide angle and they don’t bulge out unlike fisheye lenses in typical 360 cameras.

XPhase Scan has 3 lenses
XPhase Scan has 3 rectlinear wide angle lenses

Behind the XPhase Scan are two USB type A ports and a power button that doubles as a shutter button.

Behind the XPhase Scan
Behind the XPhase Scan

The two USB ports are used for the thumbdrive and the Wi-Fi dongle.

The XPhase uses a thumbdrive and Wi-Fi dongle
The XPhase uses a thumbdrive and Wi-Fi dongle

The bottom of the XPhase has a rotating 1/4-20 tripod hole and a battery cap for the removable 18650 battery.  By using a standard 18650 battery, it’s easy and relatively economical for users to buy spare batteries.

The bottom of the XPhase has a 1/4-20 tripod hole and battery cap.
The bottom of the XPhase has a 1/4-20 tripod hole and battery cap.

Stay tuned for my full review!  Meanwhile, if you have any questions, post them in the comments!


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Mic Ty


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  • Hi Mic!

    This looks like a very promising camera, and it is very good that the battery is replaceable! That would make the camera life much longer!

    My only concerns are that since the camera rotates, that it could it affect the stability of a monopod. My thoughts are, that if the monopod is not fully centered under the camera (for example if the ground is not level), the movement would make the monopod wobble, and that will affect the stitching or even make the monopod fall over, in worst case?

    And if the camera should fall over or get damaged lenses, are they replaceable like in the previous Xphase cameras? Is it possible to recalibrate it, if that should happen?

    • Monopod is not recommended. There is an option in the shooting program to shoot the bottom. At the end of the rotation shots you move the tripod over and take a shot from the area below the camera. Just got my camera this week and haven`t tried it yet.

    • Hi Peter. I use this monopod / lightstand with it: https://amzn.to/4bVlp5W If the ground is slightly tilted, it’s not a problem. If the ground is very tilted, I suggest using sandbags. I don’t know if the lenses are replaceable (I suggest asking Danny from Stabilizer-Pro) but Danny said it’s the same lenses as Xphase Pro. There is a calibration tool in the thumbdrive.

  • Hopefully a stupid question but I assume you can trigger the shutter on an app on a smartphone at a reasonable distance (or better still any plans for a simple remote control?). Taking the point about the stability of a non level platform/tripod a simple bubble level on top would give greater confidence.

  • The test i want to see is how the results compare and time to shoot/process for HDR3, HDRR6, HDR6+ in particular for shot in doorway (and/or) window with dark(ish) interior and bright sunlight outside.

  • Hi Mic!!
    Very curious to see the results and if it’s possible to tweak-hack the workflow.
    The first question is: linear scanning? I do not think so, as it’s built I’d say it is a multishot like a 8-shots-around. Its form factor would make it super useful to me in special environments!! 😀
    All the best and see you soon. Luca.

  • I saw test photos and overall it was a very cool and interesting idea.

    It’s a pity that there is no lens at the bottom from which the photos would be stitched together with the rest of the project and the NADIR would be erased.

    If it had at least 1 inch lenses like the Insta One Inch, or 4/3 inch lenses like the Galois M2, I would pay more – as much as I need and buy it.

    With a 1/3 inch lens, it’s a shame to even worry about it.

    Amateurs will not buy it because they prefer 360 sports cameras like Insta or Theta or other similar ones – they take photos – record videos – the quality is still sufficient.

    A professional photographer will not buy it because XPhaze has poor parameters.

    A beginner producer of walks in the Kuula program, for example, may be tempted. But there are not many such people and they will quickly see the disadvantages of this solution – if they want to have customers and make money.

    This device does not bode well for success, unless they quickly release a second model with at least 1 inch lenses.

    I am very surprised that they used such weak lenses – technologically – it will take me back in development.

    I won’t buy the equipment – even out of curiosity – but I will wait for the 2nd version with better optics and HDR

    • I’d say I agree, generally speaking. But I also hope it can be “hacked for a good stacking and a good ptgui workflow. I’m thinking about situations in which Z1 resolution is too poor, but you cannot stick in a NN mecha or even a panohead with a Sony RX100 or similar.

      • Hi Luca. A PTGui workflow with HDR support is available. The Scan also works well in tight spaces such as automobile interior shots. Please see the Xphase Facebook group for more information. Thank you.

  • I am interested! Would the housing around the camera prevent moisture?
    The motor, is it quiet? Is the motor securely mounted.. Will it easily misalign, wobble, or lose synchronous precision? The design appears good. I hope to try it.

    • Hey there Ranaldo. So far I don’t see any fogging. The motor is super quiet. The bottom moves very freely but doesn’t wobble at all.

  • hi, thanks for helping us chose best camera. I m exited for this update. Can you please shot some photo if there is too much movement how it look. And if using more than 10 minutes is there condensation?. Thx. Can we pre order or the exact release date?

  • Hi Mic
    Does the camera temperature increase while shooting?
    Can the camera withstand the heat of the sun and work without problems?

    • Yes the camera heats up while shooting. It’s winter now so I can’t test that yet. But so far no overheating in around 70 degree weather.

  • Hi does anyone have some sample photo’s that I can download to see how this would look on VR glasses? I’m currently using the insta 360 Pro II and would love to see how this compares