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UEVR mod (Unreal Engine VR): how to use + release date update

Praydog’s UEVR (Ungine Engine VR) turns almost any non-VR Unreal Engine game into VR.   Here’s a detailed demo from Recentered Podcast and UEVR tester Alex showing how it’s used (shown with Returnal and Born of Bread, a game they hadn’t tried before with UEVR).

UPDATE: here is a more detailed beginners guide for UEVR.

Also, an update on the release date and a FAQ:

The demo is very promising not only because it shows how easy UEVR is and how well it works, but also because it shows that even a game that they haven’t tested (Born of Bread) worked flawlessly with UEVR.

How to use UEVR mod

The demo shows that UEVR is not difficult to use:

  1. Launch SteamVR.  If you don’t know how, see the Beginners Guide to PCVR here.
  2. Launch UEVR.
  3. Launch the game you want to convert.
  4. In the game, press the Ins key on your keyboard to launch the UEVR menu, then click on the Inject button.  This turns the game into VR.

UPDATE: here is a more detailed beginners guide for UEVR.

What games work with UEVR?

It appears to work with most Unreal Engine games.  Here’s a new demo of UEVR with Tekken 8:

Where to download UEVR

At the time of this post, UEVR is still not yet available to the public.  It’s only available to its development team.

UEVR mod release date update

According to UEVR tester Alex, there may be a delay.  Originally, they the team was thinking of releasing on Christmas.  But now they’re somewhat reluctant because releasing on Christmas would force content creators to work during their Christmas holidays to produce videos about UEVR.  So now they’re thinking of releasing it after the New Year.  UPDATE: it was released on 12/31/23.

For more information on UEVR, including a new FAQ with list of compatible games, check out my updated UEVR page.