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Canon 360 / VR 180 hybrid camera will have 8K!

Canon hybrid 360 + VR 180 camera will have 8K video

At IBC 2023, Canon revealed the specs of their 360 + VR 180 hybrid concept camera, which will be able to shoot at 8K 30fps or 4k 120fps.

A few months ago, Canon showed a prototype hybrid 360 + VR 180 camera.  They didn’t share mich information about it other than to show that it could convert from a 360 camera to a VR 180 camera.  Now, Canon is sharing a little more information about it at IBC 2023.  Here’s a video by 360 videographer Hugh Hou, who went to IBC:

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Key specifications and features:

  • 8K 30fps
  • 4k 120fps slow motion
  • livestreaming
  • easy to use
Canon concept camera's specs
Canon concept camera’s specs


Price and availability

Canon has not announced price or availability.  DIYphotography’s Alex Baker believes it will cost less than the Canon R8.   Hugh thinks it will be $600 to $800.  My guess?  Assuming it’s a small sensor like 1/2.3 or 1/2 inch, then I think $800.  I hope they do go ahead and produce it.


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    • To be honest, why would you bother about VR180 cameras from insta360 at this moment. We were begging them for years to keep their promise and finally release the 3D module for their RS cameras family. They had a chance to become the respected provider of consumer VR180 photo equipment. Instead, they went the “safe” way and kept ignoring us till today. Now it’s a payback time – now we can ignore them. At this moment the VR180 game is over for them. Who is insta360 to stand against Canon? Canon is a photographic R&D powerhouse, and insta360 is just a pipsqueak compared to them. Canon will wipe the floor with them on VR180 market. Canon is already the undisputed leader in higher end VR180 cam equipment with their R5 plus dual-fisheye lens combo. Canon pulled an absolute high quality optical engineering miracle by designing that dual-fisheye lens and squeezing it into such small package. When it comes to VR180, insta360 company can be gone with the wind, and I will not even notice that anymore. (Although insta360 can still provide something useful on 360 cam market … that’s actually their name after all).

  • This looks awesome and a must buy for me. I hope it don’t do what the Zoom 360 camera did when they shown that off with their awesome mic integrated into it at one of these shows….It disappeared into thin air never to be talked about again.

    I’m still using my Lenovo VR180 Camera that uses my phone as a screen. And was also let down by insta360 and agree with the other comments. Even if insta360 do a VR180 camera now i would likely ignore them.

    I have 3 concerns about the canon VR180 camera.
    1. Removable battery and bus powered is a must for such a camera.
    2. Constant high framerate is a must for VR would like to see a middle ground (5.2k 60/90FPS constant)
    3. Make the VR180 consumer priced 500-600 $.

    • And (4) a simple workflow. Maybe a direct import into iMovie or Finalcut Pro. But it also depends on what Apple plans to do with the iPhone 15 Pro.

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