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Canon’s new 360 + VR180 camera for Apple Vision Pro?

Canon announced a new hybrid 360 camera that converts to a VR 180 camera, similar to Insta360 EVO.  Check out the photos, shot by Naoto Somese for Pronews!  UPDATE: specs revealed here.

Just days after Apple’s Vision Pro announcement, Canon announced a new 360 and VR180 camera hybrid at Photo Next 2023 in Yokohama, Japan.  Here’s a preview:

Canon's new 360 camera + 3D 180 camera for Apple Vision Pro?

The new camera appears to build on Canon’s success with its VR180 Dual Fisheye Lens for the Canon R5 and R8, which has been well regarded among immersive content shooters.

The new camera will be able to shoot not only VR180 like the Dual Fisheye Lens, but can also shoot 360 photos and videos, making it the first 360 camera from a major camera manufacturer since the Nikon Keymission 360 (reviewed here).

The hybrid camera is similar in concept to the Insta360 EVO (reviewed here), which was one of the first 360 cameras that could convert to a VR180 camera. Insta360 EVO was sold out in 2020 and has been resold for as much as $1,200, almost 3 times its original price.

Insta360 EVO has sold for as much as $1200
Insta360 EVO has sold for as much as $1200

Many questions remain about the new Canon camera, which is only a concept for now.  For example, how is the stabilization?  How is the workflow?

Meanwhile, we’re left wondering about whether Insta360 will re-release the EVO or at least the long-promised Insta360 One R 3D Mod.  Check out Naoto-san’s original article here.

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  • I think, the QooCam (4K) was the first VR180/2D 360 camera, then came Vuze XR and on the 3dr the Insta360 EVO.

  • Insta have good start point) because they easily can republish evo model or make mode for one R/RS and they on Horse) in front of market) so hope they ready for this opportunity to become more then even action camera but for apple) this open a lot of market)

    • Exactly! It is very easy for insta360 to get back into VR180. But it seems they are not interested anymore. I hope Vision Pro will make them interested again.

      • Do you think Apple 8K VR180 will open to user’s files? This is a closed system and 8KVR180 is only presented in the Cinema App so far. You should definitely buy or rent films there. The other 3D functions are in the presentation of Apple standard 3D, no VR180. I’m standing by my Pimax Crystal pre-order and RTX GPU.🙂

        • I believe so. Their ecosystem is already starving for content. Adding further restrictions for users to view their own content will alienate prospective users even further.

  • This is certainly something that is needed. I have the VR180 Dual Fisheye Lens the Canon R5 but find it heavy and cumbersome to use and carry with you all the time. I hope the abilities of the Apple HMD will create new high quality cameras to provide it with content.

    • If Vision Pro succeeds, I think we should indeed see some more new cameras for Apple Immersive Video which seems to be VR180 by another name.

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