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Charge your 360 camera while using it: USB power bank handle review and comparison

USB power bank handle review and comparison
From left to right: Vidpro PG-6, Ulanzi BG-1, Ulanzi BG-2, and Wasabi Power Clutch.

Some 360 cameras have non-removable batteries (e.g. Ricoh Theta Z1, Kandao Qoocam 8K, XPhase Pro S) and worse still, some of those have short battery lives (e.g. XPhase Pro S).  Fortunately, many 360 cameras allow charging while shooting.  Here is a table that compares four USB power banks that also serve as handles or small monopods, based on dimensions, weight, capacity, output, input, connectors and price.

Ulanzi BG-1Andoer / Ulanzi BG-2Vidpro PG-6Wasabi Power Clutch
Dimensions7.5 inches long
1 inch diameter
6.5 inches long
1.5 inch diameter
5.5 inches long
1.5 inch diameter
8 inches long
1.5 inch diameter
Weight178 grams277 grams181 grams181 grams
Capacity5200 mAh6800 mAh6000 mAh5200 mAh
Output5V 2.1A, USB Type A5V 2A, USB Type A5V 2.1A, USB Type A5V 1A, USB Type A
Input5V 1A, Micro USB5V 2A, USB Type C5V 1A, Micro USB5V 1A, Micro USB
ConnectorsTop: 1/4-20 tripod
Base: 1/4-20 tripod hole
Top: 1/4-20 tripod
Base: 1/4-20 tripod hole
Top: 1/4-20 tripod
Base: 1/4-20 tripod hole
Top: GoPro fork
Base: 1/4-20 tripod hole
PriceAround $40 Check hereAround $30 Check here for Andoer
Check here for Ulanzi
Around $25 Check hereAround $25 Check here
Vidpro PG-6 and generic version of the Andoer / Ulanzi BG-2
Vidpro PG-6 and generic version of the Andoer / Ulanzi BG-2

I have a generic version of the BG-1 and I have the Vidpro PG-6.  Both have been very useful to me especially for the Qoocam 8K and XPhase Pro S.  Between the BG-1 and PG-6, I prefer the BG-1 because of its smaller diameter, which makes it less visible to a 360 camera.  On the Kandao Qoocam 8K, it can appear invisible as long as the USB cable slack is wound around the handle so that the cable remains within the stitch line.  I also recommend either a mini-ballhead such as this one, or possibly a thin 1/4-20 thumb locknut.

Besides providing power to my cameras, I have also found these power banks useful for places that have banned selfie sticks, such as Disneyland, especially when attached to a mini tripod.

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  • Mic,

    thanks again for the little things. Many of your suggestions came in very handy. I will give BG-1 a try.
    For Xphase though, I already ordered their extended battery. According to them the additional 6800mAh should allow for +3 hours.

    Maybe a slightly unrelated question but I would very much like to get your opinion on 360° light sources for both video and photography. I was looking for anything the same size as these power banks with 1/4 tripod mount and holes to hide them in the stitch line. Any ideas?

    Hope you, your loved ones as well as your readers are safe and healthy.

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