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DEALS: $80 discount on Fimi Palm 4K gimbal camera (just $169) — better than Osmo Pocket?

Fimi Palm $100 discount ($169)
Fimi Palm $100 discount ($169)

Fimi Palm is Xiaomi’s 4K gimbal camera, similar to the DJI Osmo Pocket (reviewed here), and for a limited time, you can get it for just $169 at Gearbest (regularly $249, which is an $80 discount).  This is such a low price that Gearbest is offering no commissions on this price but it’s such a good deal that I just had to share it with you guys.  If that link doesn’t work anymore, try this one for $199 (this one is an affiliate link).  If you prefer a US retailer, you can get it from B&H Photo ($249).  And while the Fimi Palm looks like an Osmo Pocket clone, it does have several advantages over the Osmo Pocket.


When I first saw the Fimi Palm, I just dismissed it as a cheap clone of the Osmo Pocket (which itself was good but not great).  Like the original, the Fimi Palm is also a pocket-sized 4K camera with gimbal and touchscreen.  But it solves many of the issues with the Osmo Pocket.  It’s almost as if it’s what Osmo Pocket should have been if DJI hadn’t been so greedy.  Here are some of the Fimi Palm’s advantages:

Built-in 1/4-20 tripod hole.  The Osmo Pocket had no tripod hole and you had to buy cumbersome adapters that were also often expensive, such as a $30 cage from Polar Pro.  The Fimi Palm has a built-in standard 1/4-20 tripod hole.

Wider angle.  The Osmo Pocket has a field of view of 80 degrees, similar to a 28mm lens (35mm equivalent), like many smartphones.  While it is a useful focal length, it’s too narrow for vlogging.  The Fimi Palm has a field of view of 128 degrees, equivalent to an ultrawide 14mm focal length and similar to the field of view of a GoPro Hero.

5-way joystick.  With the Osmo Pocket, you could tilt the camera using a slider on the touchscreen.  But if you wanted to pan it, you had to either connect it to your phone or buy a $60 control wheel, or a $69 selfie stick with joystick.  The Fimi Pocket has a built-in 5-way joystick.

Built-in Wi-Fi.  The Osmo Pocket had no built-in Wi-Fi.  Instead DJI wanted you to buy a $59 adapter just to add Wi-Fi.  The Fimi Palm has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Longer battery life.  The Osmo Pocket’s battery life was 140 mins. at 1080p.  Xiaomi claims that  the Fimi Pocket has a battery life of 240 mins. at 1080p.

Correction re microphone adapter: to connect the Fimi Palm to a microphone, you’ll need to use an adapter.  Several product listings, including that of Gearbest state that it has a “Built-in Dual Mic & Microphone Port.”  However, it appears that the microphone adapter for the Fimi Palm is sold separately and is estimated be available mid-April or end of April.

But how is the Fimi Palm’s image quality?  It seems to be comparable to that of the Osmo Pocket:

Here is a comparison by Young360:

Here are more samples by Olivier Plusquellec:

But the Fimi Palm does have some issues of its own.  Olivier (the one who posted the second video above) said that you had to recalibrate the horizon often. Here’s an even-handed review by my friend Naomi Wu (note: the first sample she showed was with early firmware and had problems with uneven exposure — skip that part).

What I’m curious about is Fimi Palm’s autofocus performance.  Osmo Pocket’s biggest flaw IMHO was the unreliable autofocus.  When you shoot a video, it will look like it’s in focus.  But when I actually view the footage, it is out of focus and unusable.  With the Fimi Palm’s ultrawide view and based on the samples above, it seems to be panfocal, just like GoPro and other action cameras, which, combined with its other advantages, could make it a good alternative to the Osmo Pocket.

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