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Detu MaxMobile 8K 3D 360 camera launches on Indiegogo ($1500 savings vs MSRP)

Detu Maxmobile 8K 3D 360 camera
Detu Maxmobile 8K 3D 360 camera

Detu MaxMobile is an 8K 3D 360 camera that has just launched on Indiegogo, with an early bird savings of $1500 over the MSRP.

Here is a product video:

Detu MaxMobile is almost identical to the Detu Max except that the MaxMobile includes a 4G dongle. Other than that, there is no difference between them. MaxMobile’s MSRP will be $3799, $100 more than the Detu Max, making it one of the lowest cost 8K 3D 360 cameras (second only to the Detu Max). With the Indiegogo crowdfunding, the price will be $1500 less, starting at $2299 for the most basic package. By comparison, Kandao Obisidian R 8K 3D 360 camera is $7000, and Insta360 Pro 2 is $5000.

For those who already backed Detu Max, Detu will offer the option to add the 4G dongle to their Detu Max package for $100.

Detu allowed me to borrow a prototype of the Detu Max for a short while. Get ready for a hands-on test. In the meantime, you’ll find more info about Detu Max here.  You can back Detu MaxMobile here:

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  • I am strongly considering getting one of these cameras. I am looking forward to your hands on review. I hope it is posted soon enough to be able to take advantage of the new Indigogo deal. Thanks for your work on this.

    • thanks Michael. I understand. I’ll remind them that some buyers are waiting for a review to make a decision.
      Best regards,

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