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Exciting collaboration videos coming soon!

Life in 360 Rumors collaboration video
Life in 360 Rumors collaboration video and yes, the snake is alive and real!

Over the past week, I’ve been shooting with Ben Claremont (Life in 360).  Ben, as you guys know, is one of the most well recognized shooters in the 360 industry with what is probably the most popular YouTube channel that is exclusively dedicated to 360.

Ben is currently touring North America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver) for his 360 Video Secrets workshop, sponsored by Ricoh.  I helped Ben a bit with his Los Angeles workshop, and he will have other special guests for each city.  Some parts of the workshop will be posted on YouTube.

In addition to the workshop, Ben and I have been busy working on some collaboration videos, which I think you will enjoy.  Here is a preview of one of them:

Life in 360 Rumors collaboration videos
“Life in 360 Rumors” collaboration videos

These aren’t all the cameras Ben and I have but they are most of them!  Can you identify them all? 😀  Email me your answers, and the one who gets the most number of them right will win a prize!  Hint: if you look around the 360 Rumors website long enough you will find the answers. 🙂  I will post the answers next week!

Anyway, it will take some time to edit these videos, so sit tight and please subscribe on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss these videos! 😀
360 Rumors on YouTube
Life in 360 on YouTube

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  • +mic ty “sponsored by Ricoh…” Well, that answers a lot of my questions… there is a saying…” don’t bite the hand that feeds you…” Very sorry to read that. So long, Mic. Wish you a good life.

    • Take care Ulf. Just so you know, Ricoh sponsored Ben’s workshop but I didn’t get a penny of compensation from that. I was just there to talk on a segment about choosing 360 cameras. And because Ricoh sponsored the workshop, it was possible for people to attend it for free. But if you object to that, I respect your choice.

    • Ulf, you’re entitled to your opinion obviously, but I think implying that Mic is some kind of Ricoh shill is pretty harsh. I’ve been reading this site for nearly a year and (if anything) I’ve found it surprising how *little* he posts about Ricoh stuff. Just off the top of my head, in the last 6 months he’s probably posted more about the Xiaomi Mi Sphere than any other camera. I’ve always found his assessments of whatever camera he’s testing to be pretty accurate and not only does he not gloss over their weaknesses, he actively posts updates with solutions he’s found to those problems to the benefit of others in the 360 community. Also, if Ricoh sponsoring these events were some sort of dirty secret why wouldn’t he try to hide it? If Ricoh were telling him what to say don’t you think one of the first things they would tell him is “Hey stop posting photos showing the 50 other brands of 360 camera you own and use in articles about our event”?

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