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360 drone flythrough video uses unique angles and a surprise ending (shot on Insta360 One R)

Flythrough drone video with surprise ending
Flythrough drone video with surprise ending

Here’s a flythrough video that has a couple of differences: it uses unique angles and a surprise ending to add interest.  Here is the video:

In the past year, FPV flythrough videos have become very popular.  They show angles that most people have never seen before, captivating the audience’s attention.

But can you make flythrough videos even more interesting?  One way is to capture unique angles using a 360 camera drone.  A 360 drone carries a 360 camera (such as the Insta360 One R) and at the same time, the frame of the drone is so slim that it fits between the lenses of the 360 camera, rendering it invisible to the camera.  The result is a drone that can show any angle at any time, without the drone being visible in the shot — an invisible flying camera.

An 360 drone carries a 360 camera and appears invisible to the camera
A 360 drone carries a 360 camera and appears invisible to the camera

In this case, I used a 360 drone to shoot a flythrough video as part of a virtual tour for a dental office.  The client initially preferred a conventional FPV drone.  However, I knew that the 360 drone could capture unique shots that are not possible on conventional drones and could be more interesting.   So, I offered to do the flythrough with both a conventional FPV drone and a 360 drone.

The client requested their staff to come in on one of their days off, so the shot had to be completed quickly.   First, we did the regular FPV shots.   It took about four takes to perfect the timing and coordination.  By the time I was ready to shoot the flythrough with a 360 drone, the staff were ready to go home, so we had to do the flythrough for the 360 drone in just one take.

The stakes were even higher because I wanted to attempt a shot that I had not seen in other flythrough videos, which was to fly through a narrow letter slot.  Normally, the letter slot is too narrow for a typical drone to fly through it.  However, a 360 drone is designed to be slim and is short enough to make it through the slot (barely).  The shot would be very difficult but doable.

The shot would also come at the end as the high point of the video.  Attempting a stunt at the beginning of a video is easier because if it fails, you can immediately try again with little consequence other than using up some of your battery.  Attempting a risky shot at the end is much harder because if it fails, everything else is wasted.

With a lot of pressure to get the shot right the first time, I steeled my nerves and did the flythrough with the 360 drone and fortunately, we were able to do it in one take.

Do you want to learn to shoot this way?

In the next few days, I will post a review and comparison of different invisible 360 drones, including the Newbeedrone Invisi360 and Pavo360.  And if you want to learn how to fly FPV, I started a channel that shows how to learn FPV the easiest and simplest way.

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