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Get a 3rd person view with Rylo’s Invisible Grip

Rylo Invisible Grip adds a third person view
Rylo Invisible Grip adds a third person view

Rylo’s Invisible Grip can enable you to use your Rylo camera as a third person view camera (3PV camera).  The Invisible Grip is a fire engine red selfie stick designed for the Rylo 5.8K camera (reviewed here).  As long as the Rylo is in-line with the Invisible Grip (i.e., not tilted), the Invisible Grip will not appear in the shot, making the Rylo look like it is an invisible flying camera, similar to the video here:

The Invisible Grip extends to about 93cm and collapses to around 30cm.  It has a GoPro-style mount that connects to the Rylo’s Everyday Case or Adventure Case.  However, you should always keep the Rylo in-line with the Invisible Grip.   The Invisible Grip is $29 and is available from Amazon or