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Show the best parts of your property with Matterport’s guided virtual tour

Matterport virtual tour walkthrough
Matterport virtual tour walkthrough

When you’re selling real estate, you want to make sure that the client sees the best parts of the property first. Matterport’s Guided Tour feature lets you do exactly that. Here’s a demo video.

Matterport is a camera and software system that enables you to capture a 3D model of a space where viewers can not just look around but also move around the space to see it from different perspectives. Among other things, this gives viewers a better ‘feel’ of the actual space.

Matterport Pro2 volumetric 3D VR camera
Matterport Pro2 volumetric 3D VR camera

One issue with a virtual tour is that viewers might not see the best angles of the property.  Matterport’s Guided Tour lets you design a walkthrough that showcases the property the way you want.  The walkthrough can be recorded with a screen recorder and presented as a walkthrough video, as with this example:

Matterport is available directly from their website, and is $3995 for the camera.  If you’re interested in Matterport but at a lower cost, check out Cupix, a cloud-based software that can convert 360 photos from consumer 360 cameras into a 3D space similar to Matterport (though not quite as detailed).

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