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iFlight Green Hornet affordable FPV cinewhoop drone sample video with Insta360 One R and GoPro Hero

iFlight Green Hornet affordable cinewhoop for GoPro or Insta360 One R
iFlight Green Hornet affordable cinewhoop for GoPro or Insta360 One R

If 1you are looking for a compact and affordable “cinewhoop” FPV drone that can carry an Insta360 One R (reviewed here) or a GoPro, then check out this video by Justin Davis from Drone Camps RC where he reviews the new iFlight Green Hornet and shows a sample video with an Insta360 One R on it.

What is a cinewhoop?

FPV (first person view) freestyle drones are a class of drones designed for aerobatic moves that are impossible on a photography-oriented drones such as those by DJI.  There are several types of FPV drones — some are oriented for racing, freestyle aerobatics, or capturing cinematic videos.  Some FPV drones for cinematic videos are cinewhoops, modeled after the Shendrone Squirt by Andy Shen.  These compact drones with 3-inch props have wide propeller guards called ducts to enable them to fly near actors without risk of injury and they are usually expected to be able to carry a GoPro Hero or similar-sized camera, such as the Insta360 One R or DJI Osmo Action.

About the iFlight Green Hornet

One of the newest cinewhoops is the iFlight Green Hornet (starting at $179), an affordable pre-built 4S (4-cell) BNF (bind and fly) drone that requires no assembly and needs only to be paired with your radio transmitter (available receivers include Frsky XM+, Frsky R-XSR, TBS Crossfire Nano, and Flysky).  Except for its color, it looks almost identical to its big brother, the popular iFlight Bumblebee (starting at $399), and can use many of the accessories for the Bumblebee, but the Green Hornet is less than half the cost, has less powerful motors, and uses an analog camera instead of the Bumblebee’s digital DJI Air camera for the DJI FPV system.

How well does the iFlight Green Hornet carry an Insta360 One R or a GoPro?  Drone Camps’ Justin Davis posted one of the first reviews and showed sample videos with the One R and a GoPro Hero 7.

In summary, Justin gave the Green Hornet a two thumbs up and recommended it as an affordable cinewhoop.  I’ve ordered an iFlight Green Hornet a Diatone Taycan, which may fly better, and I will be posting a review from the perspective of a beginner FPV pilot and will also be comparing it to a DJI Mavic Air.

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