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How to transfer Insta360 One X2 photos and videos via USB cable instead of wireless

How to transfer Insta360 One X2 photos and videos via USB cable
How to transfer Insta360 One X2 photos and videos via USB cable

Save time and battery life by transferring Insta30 One X2 using a USB cable instead of the wireless connection.  Here’s how.

The Insta360 app is very useful for editing photos and videos from the One X2 and other Insta360 cameras.  Usually, you transfer files wirelessly.  However, wireless transfer uses up a lot of battery life and causes the camera to heat up.  One option for the Insta360 One X2 is to transfer photos and videos via cable.  It’s faster and will save battery life.  Here’s how.

What you’ll need:

  • Android phone or Insta360 One X2 Apple bundle.  This transfer mode only works on iOS if you are using the Insta360 One X2 from the Apple bundle.  Otherwise, you’ll need an Android phone.
  • For iOS: use Insta360 USB Type C to Lighting port, included only with Insta360 One X2 Apple bundle.
  • For Android: Insta360 USB Type C to USB Type C cable (available here).  I’ve only gotten it to work with the official Insta360 USB cable.  It didn’t work with my Kandao USB Type C to USB Type C cable.
  • Insta360 One X2 with updated firmware.  I tried Insta360 One R and it didn’t seem to work.

How to transfer Insta360 One X2 files via USB cable

Here’s the process I used:

  1. Connect the USB cable to your phone but not to your One X2.  Make sure the Insta360 app is closed.
  2. Turn on the One X2.  Change the USB mode to Android.
  3. Connect the USB cable to the One X2.  You should see a popup message on your phone asking which app to use.  Select Insta360.
  4. When you tap on Album – Camera, you should see the photos from the One X2.

The Insta360 transfer cable can also be used to transfer files from the One X2 to a Mac with a USB Type C port.

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  • I tried it with insta official input camera then in USB A to hub otg technology and this USB c to phone
    Interesting thing USB c is have not sides up and down, but I tried and it have by experience)

  • I’ve been able to get it connected but it always still insists on connecting wifi as well (which is hit and miss), so I can’t be sure it’s transferring wirelessly or by usb. My question, does it still need wifi when you’re connecting via usb?

      • Can you only transfer files via cable (lightening/usb c) using iphone if you purchased one x2 from Apple store , will this also work with a one x2 purchased from insta?

        • Hi William. For iOS, they made the One x2 cable transfer an exclusive feature for Apple. Android cable transfer is available on all One X2.

        • Thanks for info Mic Ty, i have had response from Insta re above issue they suggest I can do it by buying their new quick reader add on (£53) I suggested buying cable much cheaper and could they do a firm ware update for those who did not get Apple version, said they would take it under consideration….I will not hold my breath and wont be buying rip off quick reader!

          • Hi William,
            Have bought an Insta360 one x2 last week after watching a lot of youtube videos and none of these „Influencer“ mentioned that there is a special Apple firmware. I think it is a silly decision by Apple and Insta360 to keep it secret and upset 100% Apple users like me.
            I hope Insta360 will really „consider“ a new firmware.

    • You have to choose “Data-Transfer” in your USB Options on the Phone. When Insta 360 App asks for Wifi, than the USB is not connected properly. Most of the times Android USB ist standard set to “only charging”

  • Really would like to do this but I think £13 for delivery is extortionate for a £5 cable. Is there not any other cables that might work with it?

      • I’ve just relented and purchased the proper cable but the £13 delivery fee really stuck in my throat!!!

    • You need an Insta360One X2 directly from Apple, the “Apple Bundle”. A “normal” Insta360 One X2 has a different firmware.

    • I was able to get a non-Insta360 cable to work. I used my original Google Pixel USB C to USB C cable and it worked.

  • Your article was very helpful. Thanks!
    I was able to get a non-Insta360 cable to work. I used my original Google Pixel USB C to USB C cable and it worked.
    I thought that you may find this interesting.
    I was going to buy the original one for $8, but they also wanted another $16 for shipping???? Really???

  • (FYI) I was able to get these instructions to work with a generic USB-C cable. Thanks for posting this as I keep forgetting the steps to do this.

  • Connecting S10 to 360 x2 was easy, worked with any of my USB C cable male ends. Also, a OTG USB c male to USB A female (plugged into phone, not x2) and then a USB A to USB C cable to X2 worked flawless. Reason for this? Now I would like to connect external power into these cables so it could be used in the car 12 volt from the car over USB adapter 5 volt to charge and feed the phone and the camera. Why? Screen on X2 is too small.
    I actually run the X2 over a USB cable/adapter over 12 volt to power it and it works perfectly fine, no x2 battery needed but the screen is just too small and the X3 does not look much bigger.
    Essentially X2 could be a great car camera and be an action cam.
    One caveat I found, if it gets too hot in the car the X2 shuts down. As long as AC is running and it is relative cool in the car no problem, but parking and let the x2 recording overheats and shuts down within ~ 2 minutes. It only works in cooler climate, definitely not in Florida (except on cold days, (January, February).
    Sorry Insta 360 but you were nice enough that any USB C and or OTG cable will work, no need for your “special” USB cable. Cable price would be OK as a 1time buy but the shipping is killing it. Now if you make a cable with the additional extra USB power feed, I would buy that cable and pay for the horrendous shipping charge.
    Thanks Mark