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Insta360 Sky Swap adds surreal skies to your 360 videos

Insta360 Sky Swap adds dramatic skies to your 360 videos

How would you like to add dramatic skies to your 360 videos?  Insta360 Skyswap lets you do a sky replacement automatically for your 360 videos with a library of interesting skies such as timelapses and animated effects.  Here’s a sample.

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The effect is available in the Insta360 mobile app version 1.18 or later, for Insta360 One RS, One X2 and One R. To use the effect, just go to the Stories tab and under Shot Lab, you’ll see the effect. Choose a 5.7K 360 video in your album then choose the sky you want. The app will do everything else for you.

If you are new to Insta360, Shot Labs are effects that you can apply to your 360 videos.  The app will show you the recommended shooting position for the effect, then you choose an appropriate video.  After that, you simply wait for the app to apply the effect.  Here are some other effects.

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    • Hi Luc. I think One X and One X2 are similar in video quality, so they tried to differentiate the One X2 through additional features and effects to entice people to upgrade.

    • I got it on the phone. Why do they not put this in their Studio program. Phones are not the answer to any serious work, but they love their phones. Make Studio something desirable. I export to 360 and then edit with PD or other software. 15 seconds is child’s play. Use the power of the computer and not the weakness of the phone. Make Studio an enviousness tool.

      • It’s bait to use the phone app so you can share your data which makes you valuable.Which you have to do to install the firmware anyway. Remember the old days, you buy a camera and it works right out of the box?

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